Jameela Jamil responded to a 'Gossip Girl' reference aimed at her.

Jameela Jamil Had A Hilarious Response After Gossip Girl Dragged Her

Nobody is safe from the new Gossip Girl.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The original Gossip Girl may be remembered for its aughts drama and questionable fashion choices, but the HBO reboot lives fully in the present. Four episodes in, everything from Olivia Jade Giannulli’s college admissions scandal to the gossip page Deuxmoi have been used as pointed pop culture barbs. Now another one of the show’s targets has spoken up, and Jameela Jamil’s response to *that* Gossip Girl joke is hilarious.

In Gossip Girl Episode 4, Zoya (Whitney Peak) sought revenge against Julien (Jordan Alexander) by digging up an old fatphobic tweet from her half-sister’s middle school years. The fiasco led to #CallowayCancelParty trending on Twitter, as numerous guests pulled out of Julien’s upcoming party and special musical guest Princess Nokia cancelled. “It gets worse,” Julien’s friend Audrey exclaimed a moment later. “Jameela Jamil just defended you.” Ouch!

ICYMI: After shooting to mainstream stardom playing Tahani in The Good Place, Jamil received widespread attention for starting I Weigh, a platform designed to combat toxic diet cultures and body shaming, in 2018. The actor has long been outspoken about the intersections between celebrity, body image, and feminism, but has also dealt with her fair share of social media controversies in the process.

The new Gossip Girl’s jab at how Jamil’s well-intentioned activism can sometimes spiral into larger discourse was spot-on, and luckily, she’s in on the joke. “Sorry Julien! 😬😂💀,” she wrote on July 30, shortly after the episode was released.

Jamil also discussed her five seconds of Gossip Girl fame with her fans. “From being the person who makes references to being referenced... ICONIC,” Twitter user @Munii47 wrote, to which the star responded, “I truly feel that I’ve only NOW made it. We are nobody until we’ve been shaded on GG.”

When user @c0wboylikebetty responded, “Ok now say that without crying,” Jamil added, “Lol mate life is *very* boring if we can’t laugh at ourselves. Also I have been a twat, and deserve a welcome lashing.”


Jamil isn’t the first person to speak out about being a Gossip Girl reference. After Julien’s friend Luna mentioned that Giannulli gained followers after her mom went to jail, Giannulli took to TikTok to insist she actually didn’t. Jamil may have taken her shout out well, but when it comes to the new Gossip Girl, no one is safe!