Jameela Went Off On Haters Pitting J.Lo And Jennifer Garner Against Each Other.

Jameela Went Off On Haters Pitting J.Lo And Jennifer Garner Against Each Other

"It's not the '90s!"

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The recent comparisons between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner have activist Jameela Jamil asking: What year is it? Jamil is known for being one of the most vocal feminists in Hollywood, and she’s had it with archaic representation of women in media. When Garner and Lopez were recently pitted against one another by several publications, Jamil refused to let it slide. Jameela Jamil called out haters comparing Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner in an impassioned message.

Both Garner and Lopez have been romantically linked to Ben Affleck, but Jamil didn’t see that as a reason for the two to be compared online amid Affleck and Lopez’s reunion. In her message, she said the comparisons perpetuate antiquated viewpoints of how female public figures are portrayed.

“ABSOLUTELY not here for the Jennifer Garner comparison to JLo, with paparazzi pics of her working out, put right next to glamorous social media photos of JLo. It’s not the nineties,” she said.

Lopez is currently dating Affleck, and Garner hasn’t been linked to him since their divorce in 2018. “We aren’t still pitting women against women over a guy…ESP when only one of them wants him,” Jamil added.

On Instagram, Jamil wrote an even lengthier message slamming tabloid media and pleading for news outlets to stop adopting sexist coverage habits.

“It is a sad truth that media drips down into culture, society, schools… etc. We have to actively reject the rot. We control the market. The media responds to whatever they think we want. So let’s show them what we don’t want so that they stop doing it, JUST like we were able to at least stop them from overtly fat shaming women in their swimsuits,” she wrote.

Jamil added she hopes women will build each other up and refuse to settle for a male-dominated society. “I have lived a life of so many women seeing me as a threat or a competitor, and have never wanted that, nor have I ever seen another woman as anything other than safety in numbers, or someone to be excited about,” her post read. “I’ve also often had men actively try to pit me and other women against each other. This bullshit comes from patriarchy, and is repeatedly infused into our psyche via the mostly but not Only tabloid media.”

Jameela went off on haters pitting J.Lo and Jennifer Garner against each other.

If there’s anything to learn from Jamil’s message, it’s that Lopez and Garner are both slaying life, looking fierce, and are absolutely thriving.