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Lady Gaga and Jake Gyllenhaal opened up in a new interview with 'Variety,' where Gaga called them "M...

Um, Lady Gaga Just Said She And Jake Are “Mommy And Daddy”

Meet your new parents.

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Leave it to Lady Gaga to break the internet... again. The singer and actor appears on the latest cover of Variety alongside Jake Gyllenhaal as part of the publication’s “Actors on Actors” series. On the cover, the duo poses intimately with Gyllenhaal’s arm draped over Gaga’s lap. Her head leans on his. They look so in touch that Gaga officially dubbed them Hollywood’s mom and dad. Someone tell Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox to move over.

The cover story hit the internet on Jan. 26 and garnered attention for the duo’s palpable chemistry and cheeky comments. At one point in the article, writer Ramin Setoodeh describes how Gyllenhaal wraps his arm around Gaga and says, “I’ve never held anyone like this.”

“Mommy and Daddy love each other,” Gaga chimed in, before affectionately calling Gyllenhaal “honey.” They also spent much of the interview hyping each other up. Gyllenhaal spoke at length about how much he loved Gaga’s November 2021 feature film, House of Gucci.

“One of the things that I loved about House of Gucci was that the film has such an operatic style and it has so many characters surrounding your character,” he said. “And opera is one of my favorite forms of expression to watch, but to see a performance that stays true to reality was incredible.”

Gaga responded, “Thank you very much. That means a lot coming from you.”

During the interview, Gaga said she is equally a fan of Gyllenhaal’s work. She told the actor his 2021 Netflix film The Guilty was “extremely powerful.”

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“I feel like I’ve injected a lot of trauma into my work my whole life,” Gaga said. “I was really moved by your ability to go to the bottom throughout the whole film. I was really struck by a true belief that he was in a tremendous amount of pain, and he was so sad.”

The compliments didn’t end. Gyllenhaal said he is “amazed” by Mother Monster and her “extraordinary, mind-boggling” songwriting abilities. “And then you’ve somehow seamlessly been able to come into the world of storytelling in another form. And for me, when I think about acting in movies, I think of it as fits and starts. It’s not a song. You get little moments you have to pull off. I’m so interested in your point of view, going into those little moments,” he added.

The interview appeared to be well-received on Twitter, particularly the part where Gaga used the “mommy and daddy” label. It’s even fueled dating rumors, or at least, fans quipped about the possibility.

Only time will tell where Gaga’s budding friendship with Gyllenhaal goes from here. As for those dating rumors, we can chalk that up to internet chatter.