Jake Gyllenhaal Freaks Out At Amy Schumer For Catfishing Him In Epic Skit

by Eitan Levine
Comedy Central

Amy Schumer AND Jake Gyllenhaal in the SAME EFFING VIDEO. There is a God, and he/she is good.

“Catfish: The TV Show” has got to be one of the weirdest shows to ever exist. It's like watching a psychological version of NASCAR. Nobody tunes in to see everything work out smoothly for whoever is on that week's episode, you just watch for the massive car accident that happens nine out of every 10 times.

Add on the fact that it's hosted by two of the most sensitive, broiest film school bros of all time, and you have nothing short of TV gold.

This is the kind of show we'll all fondly look back on in 10 years and wonder why we didn't appreciate it more while we had the chance -- like “Joe Millionaire.”

Amy Schumer's “Katfish” sketch is the perfect parody. Jake Gyllenhaal as a ferret enthusiast obsessed with Amy Schumer is the perfect character.

These two need a rom-com ASAP where it's just Jake obsessing over Amy in the least creepy way possible.

I take that back. Can Jake do non-creepy? No, right?

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