Jake Cunningham from 'The Ultimatum' on Netflix

Everything To Know About Jake From The Ultimatum

April is noticeably missing from his IG feed...


Netflix has gone all-in on the romance game. After the massive success of Love Is Blind, the streamer has launched a spinoff series called The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. Only this time, instead of helping people meet and fall in love, this new show is all about helping couples get an extra nudge down the aisle. Unfortunately, some of the partners in those couples aren’t quite ready for a wedding. Jake Cunningham is one of those partners. His girlfriend, April Marie Melohn, issued Jake an ultimatum: either propose or break up. Let’s just say, things don’t go as expected for them.

Before going on The Ultimatum, Jake and April were together for two years. Apparently, April had been pushing them to take things to the next level with an engagement, but Jake just wasn’t ready yet. That led them to the show, the possibility of dating other people, and the tearful conversation in the trailer in which Jake asks April, “Should I stay with you because you’re crying and I feel bad? Or should I look out for what I really want in life?”

Here’s everything to know about Jake Cunningham from The Ultimatum, and what, exactly, it is that he really wants in life.

Jake Cunningham’s Real Job

Jake served in the U.S. Marine Corps before going on The Ultimatum. Part of the reason he said he wasn’t ready to get married to April was that he just returned from his service and is in the process of figuring out what he wants to do next.

Jake Cunningham’s Social Media

Social media doesn’t seem to be a huge priority for Jake, but he does have an Instagram that he updates sporadically. Notably, April is missing from his Instagram grid, which could be a hint about the future (or lack thereof) of their relationship. Other than photos of his time serving in the military, 26-year-old Jake mostly posts portraits of himself. Perhaps by the end of The Ultimatum, his IG grid will be filled with photos of him and the person he decides to marry.

The first eight episodes of The Ultimatum are streaming on Netflix now.