April Marie Melohn from 'The Ultimatum' on Netflix

April From The Ultimatum Looks SO Different IRL

It looks like she made a big change after filming.


Sometimes people have to go to extremes in order to get the happily ever after ending they’re hoping for. And sometimes those extremes include setting an ultimatum for your partner that requires they date someone else on a reality show. OK, maybe that’s not the most *common* way to handle big shifts in a relationship, but it is the premise of Netflix’s newest reality series, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. April Marie Melohn is one of six people to go on the show and give their partner the ultimatum: either propose marriage or break up.

April is not the kind of person to hide her feelings. At the beginning of Season 1 of The Ultimatum, she makes it very clear she wants to get married and be a mom, and that she wants to do it all with Jake — and soon. But the whole premise of the show has April dating other people to see if they’re maybe a better fit for her, so there’s a chance she’ll move on from Jake in order to get the family she wants.

But there’s a lot more to April than her relationship (or her attempts to save it). Read on to learn more about this new reality star.

April Marie Melohn’s Real Job

April works as a model who loves the “networking part” of her job. She told The Inscriber Magazine, “You meet a lot of amazing models who all share this common hobby, career, and/or interest with you. And you even meet a number of photographers who all have a variety of different styles of photography so you get to create and shoot different looks!”

She’s modeled for several clothing companies like FloGrown Clothing Company, and she was named the 2014 Miss Florida Top Model.

April Marie Melohn’s Social Media

Since April’s a model, her social media is all about showing off her professional-quality photos. She also posts pics from her travels to places like Costa Rica and funny captions to go with some less professional-looking photos.

April’s IG grid also highlights a big change to her look since filming The Ultimatum. Throughout Season 1 of The Ultimatum, April has dark hair, but now she’s rocking a platinum blonde ‘do.

April Maria Melohn Facts

April was born in San Diego, California, grew up in Florida, and then moved back to the West Coast to Los Angeles. Then, in 2019, April moved to Austin, Texas for a modeling job. She presumably stuck around in Texas, since that’s where The Ultimatum films.

The first eight episodes of The Ultimatum Season 1 are streaming on Netflix now.