Jack Harlow's new music video "Nail Tech" earned a compliment from Kanye West.

Jack Harlow's Latest Music Video Has Kanye Stanning Him

The bop of 2022 has arrived.

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Jack Harlow just got a major compliment. After the release of his new music video “Nail Tech” on Friday, Feb. 18, Kanye West had some pretty great things to say. Ye shared his effusive praise for Harlow’s new track via Instagram shortly after it premiered: “This n*gga can raaaaaaap bro,” he wrote. “And I’m saying n*gga as a compliment. Top 5 out right now.” And that’s not all, Jack Harlow’s music video for “Nail Tech” also features a surprise guest, City Girls’ Yung Miami.

“Nail Tech” is Harlow’s first new single since the release of his debut album That’s What They All Say at the end of 2020. To celebrate Ye’s compliment, Harlow shared a screenshot of Ye’s post to his social media profiles. “This right here…is one of the greatest moments of my entire life,” Harlow wrote in the caption. “Glad y’all all get front row seats to it…suddenly all the hate means nothing…imagine your hero saying this about you…I could cry.”

The 23-year-old rapper told Variety of his admiration for West and how he’s learned a thing or two from the iconic rapper. “(It’s like he’s saying his identity is) always gonna shift, and I can always steer the narrative and reinvent. I’m not pigeonholed, and who I am right now and the music I’m making has nothing to do with where I’m gonna be in a year,’” he said of West’s influence on him. “That’s Kanye notes — you can’t tell Kanye what he is and what he isn’t. I salute that so much.”

Harlow’s “Nail Tech” made a huge splash when it premiered, and its popularity might give us insight into what his next album might sound like.

“My songs are very intimate, and a lot of my fans say they feel like they’re having a conversation with me,” he told Variety. “I love that and don’t ever want to lose it, but there’s a certain feeling, when I’m performing, that some songs are hitting the back wall of the room instead of the first five rows, and I’m excited to have more of that.”

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In addition to new music, Harlow has been busy with other ventures. He recently announced his partnership with New Balance ahead of the release of “Nail Teach.” The sneaker brand is prominently featured in the music video.

Make sure to check out Jack Harlow’s “Nail Tech” music video to get the hype.