It's Nice To Have A Friend
Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff's Quote About Kanye West Is Shady

“It’s just a remarkable waste of space.”

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Jack Antonoff might be the loyalest friend of all time. In an interview with the LA Times, published Feb. 28, the producer didn’t shy away from talking about his friendship with Taylor Swift or his feelings toward Kanye West. According to Antonoff himself, he can be a “little b*tch” when it comes to defending his bestie — but it doesn’t sound like he has any regrets.

Antonoff and Swift have been working together since they collaborated on “Sweeter Than Fiction” in 2013. Most recently, the duo took home the Album of the Year award for Midnights. Throughout the interview, Antonoff shared his take on Swift’s talent and why he defends her so fiercely.

“I’m a little b*tch sometimes,” Antonoff said. “But you come after my friend Taylor, you’re toast to me.” He added that questioning Swift’s songwriting skills “is like challenging someone’s faith in God. You just don’t go there.”

Antonoff shared some choice words for West, specifically. According to him, West “just needs his diaper changed so badly.” He added, “It’s been a long time since I would’ve taken Kanye’s call. I’m so incredibly bored when someone doesn’t have the sauce anymore, so they go elsewhere to shock. It’s just a remarkable waste of space.”

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This isn’t the first time that Antonoff has called out West. In January, he tweeted about the rapper jumping on his release date. (ICYMI, Bleachers’ self-titled album is coming out March 8, the same day that as the second installment of West’s Vultures trilogy.) “kanye on bleachers” release date is hilarious little cry baby b*tch,” Antonoff wrote at the time.

West hasn’t responded to Antonoff’s criticism, but he did give Swift a recent shoutout on Instagram in February. “To all Taylor Swift fans I am not your enemy,” he wrote, adding, “I’m not your friend either though lol.”

West added that he actually supported Swift when it came to the Scooter Braun situation. “I was on Taylor’s side when Scooter bought her masters behind her back,” West wrote. “She and Beyoncé are big inspirations to all musicians. We always say how both sell out tours and movies.”