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A Succession Season 4 Moment Brought Back A Game-Changing Shiv Theory


by Ani Bundel
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Each season of Succession ends with a significant twist of fate. Season 1 took Kendall out at the knees after he left a kid to drown; Season 2 showed Kendall going rogue on his family. However, Season 3’s game-changer was the biggest to date, as Logan decided to sell Waystar RoyCo, cutting all four of his children out of the deal in the process. Everyone has something to lose now, but it’s the youngest sibling who may suffer most on the final season of Succession, primarily if these theories about Shiv being pregnant wind up being correct.

The theory was first sparked by some eyebrow-raising events at the end of Season 3. In the penultimate episode of Season 3, Shiv had a heart-to-heart with her mother, Caroline, who admitted she should never have had children. It would be a blow for any child to hear a parent say that, but especially for Shiv, since Caroline compared herself to her deeply ambitious and child-free daughter; according to Caroline, Shiv shouldn’t have kids.

But if there’s one truth about Shiv, it’s that if someone tells her she can’t or shouldn’t have something, it suddenly becomes all she wants. A perfect example would be the control of Waystar RoyCo. In Season 1, Shiv wanted nothing to do with her father’s company until she was told that was a wise choice, since Logan would never give it to her. Now, it’s all she sees. Similarly, after the Season 3 convo with her mom, Shiv went home that night ready to make a baby with Tom. It was a fateful choice, since Shiv got dirty and frighteningly honest with Tom in bed that night, admitting aloud she thinks her husband will never be worthy of her.

Shiv’s brutal truths were a significant factor in the outcome of the season, as they seemingly hardened Tom’s heart and led him to betray Shiv to Logan in the finale. But fans suspect it may be even more pivotal if it turns out Shiv is now carrying Tom’s child.

And in the first couple episodes of Season 4, the signs seemed more blatant than ever. In Episode 2, the Roy siblings all go to a bar together to try to cheer Connor up after his disastrous rehearsal dinner. Everyone ordered an alcoholic drink, except Shiv. She pondered getting a red wine, but then ordered a nonalcoholic club soda instead.


It was a small moment, but one that continued a theory-fueling trend from the Season 3 finale. Here’s what initially began convincing fans Shiv’s pregnancy reveal is on the horizon.

1. Shiv Didn’t Drink At The Wedding

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Considering her older (not eldest!), brother nearly perished after passing out inebriated in a pool and wound up hospitalized overnight, it’s an understandable choice for Shiv to abstain from alcohol right after that. But also, Shiv is a drinker, and Caroline’s wedding is a stressful event. It seems relatively suspicious Shiv wouldn’t have a cocktail or a glass of wine, especially since it’s all extremely high-end stuff there in Chiantishire.

That’s where the psychological factor could come in. Shiv couldn’t have known whether she was pregnant right after her efforts with Tom, but it’s possible part of her is already deciding not to drink in preparation for becoming pregnant.

2. Shiv’s Tummy Touching

It’s the universal signal on TV for “pregnant female character” to touch their stomachs in a significant manner. The most suspicious touch comes at the end of the finale, when Shiv realized Tom was the one who told Logan the siblings were coming to stage a coup. Once again, like with the alcohol thing, it could be a psychological move, in which her subconscious focus on wanting to be pregnant caused her to touch her belly unconsciously. But it’s just as likely Shiv is simply holding herself because the sheer enormity of her suppressed rage is making her nauseated.

3. The Nero Connection

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There is one other clue that could point to Shiv being pregnant in the show’s final season. It’s the Nero-Sporus conversations that have been laced through Tom and Greg’s interactions for quit a while now. In Episode 4 of Season 3, Tom told Greg the story of the Roman emperor Nero, who murdered his wife, Sabina, by pushing her down the stairs. In his guilt-ridden grief, he then had a young boy who looked just like her, Sporus, castrated and married him as a substitute. Tom’s line to Greg at the time — “I’d castrate you and marry you in a heartbeat” — was an instant meme. But it was also a foreshadowing, as the story came up again in the finale, as Tom readied himself to sell out Shiv in a way he could never come back from, and invited Greg alone for the ride. “Do you wanna come with me, Sporus?” he asked Greg. Symbolically, it was time to push Shiv down the stairs.

So, how does this relate to Shiv being pregnant? According to legend, Nero pushed Sabina down the stairs was while she was pregnant with his baby. Coincidence? We’ll have to wait and see.

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