Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius who was pruned from existence in an untimely fashion on 'Loki'

Wait, Is Mobius Really Gone From Loki?

There's still hope he'll get on a jet-ski.

by Ani Bundel
Marvel Studios

Loki’s third episode had a lot of action, a brand-new planet, a bullet train to the apocalypse, and singing. But it was short one fan-favorite item: Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius M. Mobius. Unfortunately, the lack of screentime for the TVA meant fans were deprived of Loki’s partner in space detecting and an excellent foil for the ex-god of mischief. Warning: Spoilers for Loki Season 1, Episode 4 follow. But Mobius’ return in Episode 4 turned out to be far more short-lived than fans had hoped. But is Mobius really dead on Loki? It seemed like it, until the episode’s final moments and the post-credits scene.

Sylvie’s revelation that the TVA agents were all variants removed from the timeline, and not beings created by the Time-Keepers, was a significant development. When Loki and Sylvie were recaptured by the TVA and Mobius took Loki in the questioning room, fans knew it was only a matter of time before the truth came out. In true Loki fashion, it managed to be as dramatic as possible, sandwiched between ridiculous lies and a possible confession that Loki had a crush on his female counterpart. (Self-love, it’s what every narcissist wants most.)

But it was the way Mobius froze the first time he heard Loki tell him the TVA was lying to him that betrayed the agent’s true feelings. For all that he tried to dismiss the claim as more chaos and lies, Loki’s words hit a truth he already subconsciously knew. Between Renslayer’s deception about Hunter C-20 and B-15’s slow-roll breakdown about having her memories accessed, the countdown to the rebellion by TVA employees was on.

Marvel Studios

But Mobius’ rebellion was super short-lived. Even before he could say “jet ski,” one of Renslayer’s loyalists pruned him from the timeline. Loki was dragged away in shock, having seen the demise of one of the few he could trust in this place. But then, to the shock of everyone else, Renslayer pruned Loki from the timeline as well, leaving Sylvie all alone.

Listen, if Loki doesn’t have Loki (at least, the one played by Tom Hiddleston) starring in it, what are we even doing here? Whatever it is, pruning, for all that it makes a person dematerialize before everyone’s eyes, doesn’t seem to actually kill.

That was confirmed by the series’ first post-credit scene, which comes at the episode’s 44:38 mark. Loki awakens to find himself somewhere else, with a whole lot of other Lokis staring at him. Wherever it is, this seems to be the place people pruned from the sacred timeline go — a reality far, far away from the TVA. All fans can hope is that it’s not long before Loki and his Loki friends find Mobius and bring him home.

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