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PLL Fans: We're Not In Rosewood Anymore

Welcome to Millwood.

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The Pretty Little Liars universe is expanding with a new show, new liars, and new storylines storylines. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin also introduces fans to a new location in the same state as Rosewood. The town where five new main characters are being hunted by a new “A” is called Millwood — and yes, it is actually a real place (sorta). Here are all the deets on Millwood and how it might factor into this new series.

Original Sin is a much darker addition to the PLL universe, both literally and thematically. Imogen (Bailee Madison), Noa (Maia Reficco), Faran (Zaria), Tabby (Chandler Kinney), and Mouse (Malia Pyles) are the new liars who are being harassed and hunted by a modern A, who wears a freaky mask and sends green bubble texts to their iPhones. The girls aren’t the only people involved in A’s drama, though — their moms were all impacted by a death in the ‘90s, and it seems to be part of A’s motive in attacking their daughters. Like Rosewood in the first Pretty Little Liars, the sleepy Pennsylvania town of Millwood provides a spooky, cemetery-filled background for all the thrilling scenes.

But whereas Rosewood was made up for the show, Millwood is the name of an actual town in Pennsylvania — although it isn’t clear if the show creators intentionally chose a real town to base their show on. Both Rosewood and Millwood are said to be suburbs of bigger cities in Pennsylvania; the first set of liars often mention living close to Philadelphia and the new series has multiple mentions of being close to Pittsburgh — Faran’s lawyer mom even threatens to take her to Pittsburgh to get her away from all the drama of Millwood.

Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

The IRL Millwood is located in the southwest part of Pennsylvania, making it pretty close to Pittsburgh just like it is in the show; it’s about a four-hour drive from Philadelphia. Just as the town is described in the series, the real Millwood is very small — the 2010 census recorded 566 residents in the town., a website that aggregates information on towns and schools, says Millwood has a mixed suburban-rural feel with above-average public schools.

Thankfully, for the residents of real Millwood, there’s no masked killer on the loose — at least, none that I’ve heard of...

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