Um, We Need To Talk About John B.'s Dad On Outer Banks

This changes everything.


Warning: Spoilers for Outer Banks Season 2 follow. John B. hasn’t had it easy. The Pogue leader, played by your Netflix boyfriend Chase Stokes, found then lost some major treasure, was framed for murder, and has almost been killed more times than I can count. All of that on its own is rough, but add in the fact that his father mysteriously vanished and you have a serious sob story... or so it seems. After watching Season 2, you’re probably wondering if John B.’s dad is actually alive on Outer Banks. Episode 10 threw a major plot twist at viewers.

Since John B.’s dad was barely mentioned in Season 2, you might have forgotten what happened that caused his disappearance. Quick recap: Ahead of Season 1, Sarah’s dad and big-time bad guy Ward (Charles Esten) teamed up with John B.’s dad, Big John Rutledge (Charles Halford), to search for the Royal Merchant shipwreck treasure. Basically, Big John was providing the brains and brawn behind the operation, while Ward provided some equipment.

After spending years on the search, Big John had a major breakthrough. The problem was, he didn’t feel it was fair to split the treasure 50/50 with Ward, since he was doing all the heavy lifting. So, Big John offered Ward 20% of the treasure, which majorly pissed Ward off and resulted in a physical fight between the men.

Charles Halford as Big John Routledge in Netflix's 'Outer Banks'

During their fight (which unfortunately took place on a secluded boat), Big John accidentally fell and hit his head. Instead of calling for help or aiding him, Ward dumped Big John body’s into the ocean, leaving him for dead. The catch is, someone later found Big John’s body on an island, where he was seemingly living before he died, meaning he wasn’t actually dead when Ward tossed him overboard.

But wait, it gets stranger. In the finale minutes of Season 2, Episode 10, it was revealed Big John is actually alive and in Bridgeport, Barbados. While a man at the house where he was living mentioned he’s “half dead,” Big John looked very much alive when he asked Carla Limbrey — who was an antagonist to the Pogues the entire season — to “help his son.” This means John B.’s dad not only is alive, but also knows the king of the Pogues is in trouble and wants to help.

If the fact that the Pogues deserve the treasure isn’t reason enough for the show to get a third season, the tease of a heartfelt reunion between John B. and his dad surely is.

Season 2 of Outer Banks is now streaming on Netflix.