ft Ireland Baldwin Addressed Rumors She Got A Kendall Jenner Tattoo.

Ireland Baldwin Addressed Those Rumors She Got A Kendall Jenner Tattoo

It does look a lot like Kendall.

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There are a lot of ways to pay tribute to your favorite celebrity, but the biggest dedication of all? Inking them on your body. Fans thought that was exactly what Ireland Baldwin did on Aug. 15, when she debuted a new tattoo that looked strikingly similar to Kendall Jenner. Sure, Baldwin and Jenner are pals, but does their friendship run skin deep? Ireland Baldwin just addressed rumors she got a Kendall Jenner tattoo, and here’s what she had to say.

The speculation surrounding Baldwin’s tattoo started when she shared the image of her new pin-up girl tat on Instagram. The girl featured on Baldwin’s arm had long, black hair and a face that many thought was the spitting image of Jenner.

“Why Kendall Jenner though,” one comment read. “There’s a naked Kendall Jenner on your arm! Look out!” another person said.

Baldwin revealed famed artist Parker Midnight inked the piece for her, but she didn’t tell the story behind the tattoo. Until now, that is. "My tattoo isn't Kendall Jenner," Baldwin explained on her Instagram Story on Aug. 16. "She's beautiful tho so I'll take it… But it's actually an illustration that was done in the '60s."

When some criticized Baldwin’s decision to get the massive tattoo, she spoke out again.

"Also, I love my tattoos and I'm going to keep getting them because it's my body, life's short, and it's none of your business,” she said in a separate Instagram post.

The model made sure her fans knew she’s in control of her own decisions and doesn’t care to hear what others have to say about her tats.

"Also… you thought I was trying to look a certain way for YOU?” she wrote. “Wait wait wait… you thought I was going to stop getting tattoos because Bilbo Baggins over in my comments doesn't think I'm hot anymore?"

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Baldwin probably wasn’t expecting her new tattoo to be the talk of the internet, and even though it isn’t a tribute to her friend Kenny, it’s definitely still got fans’ attention.