5 Reasons The Real 2015 Beats The 'Back To The Future II' Version

by Kayla Laprise
Universal Pictures

I'll be the first to admit I'm a complete movie nerd.

Whether it's "Star Wars," a Nicolas Sparks book turned rom-com or anything Matt Damon, I love all things movie-related.

That being said, all my fellow movie lovers out there are currently geeking out.

Today is October 21, 2015, and Marty McFly is coming back to the future.

Of course, in "Back To The Future Part II," October 21, 2015 is filled with auto-fit clothes, flying cars and hover boards.

In comparison, we're more "Flintstones" than "Jetsons."

But thanks to Pepsi, some aspects of Marty's 2015 are about to make their way off screen and into real life.

At New York Comic Con, Pepsi gave fans the ultimate "Back To The Future" experience by mirroring the sequel's iconic “Café 80s,” and by giving away the futuristic drink, Pepsi Perfect, which Marty ordered in the movie.

Marty-dressed visitors got to try the drink early, while the rest of us have to sit here and patiently wait.

Today, Pepsi will release a limited 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect to the public for $20.15 each.

It's a little steep for a bottle of soda (which is most likely just regular Pepsi in a fancy bottle), but who am I to put a price on some classic product-placement nostalgia?

People love it.

However, when I look at how 2015 is portrayed in the movie, I have to say, I think we definitely topped it.

True, there are still no self-lacing Nikes or self-dog walkers, but we do have Netflix.

1. IMAX beats Holomax.

In the movie, a giant holographic shark comes down and pretends to eat the people walking out in front of the theater.

Watching a movie with holograms popping out? That seems annoying.

At least with IMAX, we have a nice, clear image of a hot superhero flying at us, not a choppy, pixel projection of a shark. We even get to watch things in 3D right from our living room.

2. Face off.

There's a scene in the movie where Marty video chats with his boss on a giant drop-down projector.

First off, who would want to see someone's face that big?

Second, there is no privacy. The whole house can hear your conversation.

Not to mention, you're preventing people from watching their favorite shows or doing anything other than listen to you talk in the other room.

FaceTime is much better, especially if you don't feel like having your zits blown up on a screen the size of the wall.

3. Flannel over Spandex.

Obviously, the clothes in the movie were really pushed to the limit and exaggerated.

The jackets that dry themselves and auto-fit to your body are pretty amazing, but I'll pass on the rest of the rubber and spandex outfits that look like they were made by a rock-star-turned-astronaut.

4. It's SoulCycle, not café.

In fake 2015, people at the "Café 80s" were eating while working out.

That's insane. If I'm supposed to wait 20 minutes to swim after eating, how on earth am I supposed to work out while I'm still digesting?

Thankfully, we keep exercise outside restaurants (unless you count walking from juice bar to juice bar as exercise).

5. iPhone forever.

When it comes down to it, the technology today would be unfathomable in 1989.

The idea of a smartphone that can fit in your pocket, call, text answer any question in the world and act as a personal assistant sounds insane.

It's amazing to think of all the time, energy and space our smartphones save us.

You could carry around a TV, a computer, a camera, a calculator and an encyclopedia and still not come close to being able to do all your phone can.

That will always be the coolest thing of all.

Looking back, Marty and Doc did get some things right in their 2015 adventures, but I'm more than happy in our alternate reality.

Although, I won't lie; I would love that Black & Decker Food Hydrator that hydrated a pizza instantly.