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People Keep Photoshopping This Picture Of Taylor Swift At The Grammys

Taylor Swift can do fah-reaking anything, and neither you, nor Kanye West NOR GOD HIMSELF can take that from her.

Need proof? Fine, you're a free-thinking adult who values a well-researched hypothesis, and for that, I will always respect you.

After T Swift nabbed this year's Grammy for Album of the Year, a photo of her posing triumphantly backstage surfaced online.

Denizens of the Internet asked themselves,

But… what if Taylor Swift chose another path in life?

Redditors posted their alternate universe Tay Tays to a thread in the Photoshop Battles subreddit, and each incarnation is better than the last.

Taylor Alison Swift: Brunch Server

Taylor Swena: Professional Wrestler

Tario Swift: Italian Plumber

Tanna Swite: Letter Turner

Dragon Ball T: Spirit Bomber

Taylor Swizenegger: Bodybuilder

Tayanoga: Garbage Compactor Dweller

TayMCA: Village Person

Taylor Dobler: Hopeless Romantic

Praying Swantis: Predator of Arthropods

Tate Swinslet: Leading Lady

Finally, Taylor's one true calling, or what Redditor lilbinsanity calls, “Thaylora, the Hindu goddess of breakups.”

No matter which career Taylor Swift chooses, the world will support her with arms as wide open as, well, her own.

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