Tom Hardy Holding Dogs Might Be The Best Instagram Account Ever

Instagrams like Men & Coffee cater to a niche demographic, and one Instagram user added a new hyper-specific obsesh to the Insta-landscape in the name of all things adorable and sexy.

Tom Hardy Holding Dogs is a glorious cache of photos with a very self-explanatory moniker.

The pets are cute enough, but there's the added treat of Hardy on and off set chilling with armfuls of dogs. One might assume there is a canine hidden somewhere on his person in every scene he's ever filmed.

Puppy press shots

Pooch smoochin'

BARK-tic temperatures

Furry friends

Bull Terrier bonding

Dirty doggies

Bulldog brooding

Pit bull piggyback

Labrador loungin'

Meta mutt

Hound hangs

With 148 posts and counting, Tom Hardy Holding Dogs is out to prove making movies is actually this actor's backup passion.

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