This Mashup Of 'I Love Kanye' And The 'NBA On NBC' Theme Song Is Perfection

As I've mentioned before, I neither know, nor care to know, anything about sports — it's just not my ballgame (pun totally intended).

So when I heard about the mashup between Kanye West's “I Love Kanye” and the "NBA on NBC" theme song, my first thought was something along the lines of: “That sounds stupid.”

As is the case more often than I would like to admit, I was wrong. Totally, utterly wrong.

The mashup, a half-minute musical mix created by Twitter user @tole_cover, features Kanye's catchy, clever lyrics layered over the theatrical, energetic theme song. Though it seems like the two shouldn't go together, the combination works surprisingly well — I'd even venture to say 'Ye would be impressed.

Listen to the mashup below. — Mark (@tole_cover) April 2, 2016

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