Here's how to play Heardle for a musical version of Wordle.

Heardle Is Wordle For Music Lovers, So See If You Can Guess The Daily Song

If your Spotify is always playing, this game is for you.


There’s a new word game out there and this time, it’s specifically for the music lovers. Similar to how its buzzy counterpart, Wordle, gives players six chances to guess a random word, Heardle puts its unique spin on the word guessing trope by applying it to hit songs. Heardle gives users the intro to a popular song and players must guess the song based on the seconds-long intros the platform gives you. So if you’re a music wiz, here’s how to play Heardle, the musical version of Wordle.

The trick with Heardle is to guess the daily song with as little information as possible. Each day, the site will upload a 16-second clip of a hit song’s intro, but it’ll only give you the first second of the clip at first. If you can’t guess the song based on a one-second clip, it’ll begin giving you slightly longer clips until you get it. A nifty feature on Heardle is the “skip” feature that allows you to pass a guess in return for another snippet of the 16-second audio clip. Because let’s face it, the more you hear of a song, the better chance you have at recognizing it.

Like Wordle though, users can still share their guessing results on social media that show red and green square emojis.

Where To Play

Similar to other word-guessing games, those interested in playing Heardle just have to open up their internet browser and type in

The interface is sleek with its black and white backdrop and easy guessing box at the bottom of the screen, which will autofill your song guesses with suggestions to help you out.

How To Play


Heardle updates its song puzzle daily. Once a player is ready to start guessing, the user will first have to hit the play button, and a very short intro will begin to play. The total song clip is 16-seconds and users unlock longer sections of the clip with each skip or incorrect answer.

The cool thing about Heardle is that players can replay the audio clip as many times as they may need. So, if you’re struggling to identify the song and don’t want to take a loss on the turn, the interface won’t stop you from hitting play one more time.

After The Game


Once you identify the song correctly — or run out of guesses — you’ll be taken to a page that features the share button and while sharing your results, you can also listen to the entirety of the daily song via Soundcloud.

According to The Verge, Heardle songs are chosen from “a list of the most-streamed songs in the past decade” from Soundcloud, so there won’t be any super obscure songs that’ll throw you for a loop.