BTS has partnered with YouTube for the #MyBTStoryChallenge.

ARMY, Here’s Your Chance To Appear In BTS’ Upcoming Tribute Video

It’s the #MyBTStory challenge.

Courtesy of YouTube

To celebrate their upcoming nine-year anniversary as a group, BTS has partnered with YouTube to kick off the #MyBTStory challenge. As part of the month-long campaign, the septet is asking fans to share their favorite memories with the group for a chance to be featured in an upcoming ARMY tribute video. The video will be uploaded to BTS’ official YouTube channel, making this a unique opportunity for ARMY.

On June 6, BTS announced the challenge by sharing a letter to fans on Twitter. “Dear ARMY, For nine years you have been our greatest champions. As we embark on the journey to our tenth year as a band, we want to remember and celebrate all the special moments we’ve had together so far,” the group said.

The septet said they’ve been through so much together with ARMY over the years, which is why they want to “relive these unforgettable BTS moments” with them through this challenge. Their announcement couldn’t arrive at a better time, considering BTS will drop their three-disc anthology album, Proof, on Friday, June 10. The record will feature their new song “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” and it’ll arrive just days before BTS celebrates nine years as a group on June 13.

So, ARMY, if you’re interested in taking on the #MyBTStory challenge, here’s everything you need to know before you participate.

How can ARMY join BTS' #MyBTStory challenge?

You can share your BTS story by creating a YouTube Short, which is a 60-second-long video that can be uploaded on YouTube. Remember to add the hashtag #MyBTStory to your Short for a chance to be featured in BTS’ upcoming tribute video.

When will BTS’ #MyBTStory challenge begin?

The challenge officially kicks off on Friday, June 10, which is the same day that BTS will drop their new album.

When will BTS’ #MyBTStory challenge end?

Fans will only have a few weeks to join the challenge. It closes on Saturday, July 9. In order to make sure you don’t miss the deadline, try and get your video in ASAP.

When will BTS’ ARMY tribute video be uploaded?

It’s unclear when the group’s tribute video will be uploaded to their YouTube channel; however, it’s a safe bet to assume it may be up shortly after the challenge ends on July 9.

Now, excuse me while I work on my #MyBTStory challenge video.