Frank Underwood Shifts From POTUS To Dictator In Chilling 'House Of Cards' Trailer


Hey, there! Have you not had enough terrifying, dystopian politics in your day-to-day life recently? Well luckily for you, "House of Cards" is back with its first trailer for season 5, and the show has taken on whole new levels of horror thanks to America's recent election.

The new "House Of Cards" teaser shows Frank and Claire Underwood at their most ruthless yet, as Frank describes his disdain for the American people in a seething tirade, referring to the public as "little children" that he and Claire have to lead.

As fans of the show will recall, last season ended with Frank and Claire attempting to cover up their crimes by declaring war on a terrorist group.


The most chilling moment of all comes at the end of the trailer, when Frank starts listing the years he envisions spending in office as President... but doesn't stop after the legal eight.

Underwood 2016. 2020. 2024. 2028. 2032. 2036. One nation, Underwood.

Oh wow... We're in for a long, gruesome ride, because it sure sounds like Frank is planning on going full dictator on the American people this season. Not that that's too surprising coming from him.

There's also one particularly juicy scene in the new trailer that only flashes on the screen for a second. Check out the full trailer below, and we can get into it afterwards.

Did you guys catch it? Towards the end of the clip, there's a quick flash of Frank Underwood in which he appears to be about to hook up with another man.


Frank's sexuality first became a topic of conversation in season two, when he invited his male security guard Meechum to join Claire and himself in bed. That scene has brought many fans to believe that Frank is bisexual, though the show never addressed it further since then. But now, it looks like we're finally going to learn more about Frank's sexuality in season 5.

Season 5 of "House of Cards" will premiere on Netflix Tuesday, May 30.

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