10 Holiday Gifts For A Friend Who Is F*cking…

by Katie Corvino
Amazon/Getty Images

December is almost halfway through, and you know what that means.

It's the special time of year when last-minute shoppers lose their sh*t and go insane searching for the perfect gifts to buy friends and family for the holidays.

Gift shopping can be a real pain in the ass. I personally never know what to get anyone and always resort to gift cards and chocolates. But let's be real, those are lame AF and not very special at all. Yeah, I suck.

But, I'm about to make life a whole lot easier because I put together the ultimate holiday shopping list.

And this isn't just any list. It's a special list designed specifically for the person in your life who is absolutely obsessed with Selena Gomez. We all know one, we all have one, that's just how it is.

Mine happens to be my friend Stephanie. This girl can't get enough of Selena Gomez. But WTF do you get someone whose only wish for the holiday season is to meet Selena Gomez herself?

Have no fear, I'm here to save the day. Below, check out 10 gifts perfect for your friend who's obsessed with Selena Gomez. Your Stephanie is about to have the best holiday ever, and so is mine.

1. T-shirt ($15.99)


You don't even have to be obsessed with Selena Gomez to want this shirt.

Look at how trendy it is. I'd wear this sh*t under a flannel any day. It's the perfect piece to add to your BFF's closet.

Buy the t-shirt here.

2. Necklace ($22)


Your friend will literally go unconscious the moment she sees this necklace.

If your friend is a true fan, she will know it's based off the exact necklace Selena Gomez wears. Your friend will basically look identical to Selena while wearing it. What more could she want?

Buy the necklace here.

3. Poster ($5.44)


There's probably no better gift than a poster with Selena lyrics on them.

Part of the reason your friend is so obsessed with Selena is because of Selena's awesome music. The lyrics DEF speak to your friend in a way those of other artists can't.

Buy the poster here.

4. Mug ($15)


This mug is amazing for Selena's biggest fans because it's super subtle.

Selena's name or picture isn't on the mug, but the word "Revival" is enough to make your friend go crazy.

Buy the mug here.

5. Phone Case ($8.97)

Case Gorilla

I don't even know your friend, but I know she has a phone.

If your friend is a Selena fan, she's probably a crazy person at Selena's concerts, jumping up and down and going f*cking insane. To make sure your friend doesn't crack her phone at these things, buy this case to keep the phone protected.

Buy the case here.

6. Sweatshirt ($39.95)

Selena Gomez

It's getting chilly outside, so your friend will be super grateful for this adorable sweatshirt.

It also looks really comfy, so I really think you can't go wrong. Also, who isn't sick of that same old love?

Buy the sweatshirt here.

7. Hat ($24.95)

Selena Gomez

With another subtle reference, this hat is a great gift for your friend because only Selena fans will understand its meaning.

"Good For You" is a pretty damn sexy song as well, so no one will ever mind wearing its lyrics loud and proud.

Buy the hat here.

8. Beanie ($24.95)

Selena Gomez

Again, it's freaking cold out. If your friend isn't a fan of the winter, make the winter a little less painful with this Selena Gomez beanie.

Your friend won't mind going outside if he or she gets to wear this hat.

Buy the beanie here.

9. Perfume ($29)


Perfume is a great gift for your friend because it's Selena Gomez's brand. Just look at how cute those little bottles are.

They look classy as hell. Your friend will die when she gets it, and the set comes with lots of little body lotions as well. Yeah, you're welcome.

Buy the perfume here.

10. Nail Polish ($9.99)

These nail polish colors are perfect for the holidays. Pretty in Plum and Gumdrops? Yes please.

Sparkles are so in around the holidays, especially with New Year's coming up.

Your friends will paint their nails the second they get this. They'll also thank you for years.

Buy the nail polish here.

PS. If you have a friend who's also obsessed with Justin Bieber, don't worry, we've got you covered.