15 Christmas Gifts For The Bieber-Obsessed Friend…

by Samantha Short

We all know that one friend who lives, breathes and dreams Justin Bieber.

I'd like to say that person is my teenage sister, but to be completely honest, it's not.

J Biebs is no longer just a 13-year-old's fantasy. He now has young adults crushing on him all over the world.

Well, what better way to say "Merry Christmas" to the friend with intense Bieber fever than with gifts covered in JB's face?

Below, check out 15 Christmas gift ideas to get the JB lover in your life.

1. Notebook

Notebook, $12, Red Bubble

Everyone needs a little inspiration while stuck in class. How is your friend going to get JB's attention if she can't pass her exams?

2. Prayer Candle

Prayer Candle, $9, Etsy

In case the notebook isn't enough inspiration to focus on school work, you could always get someone a prayer candle with Justin Bieber's face on it.

Praying he will fall in love with you might work just as well as trying to get good grades to impress him.

3. Poster

Poster, $20, Etsy

There is probably no better centerpiece for the room of a JB fan than a giant poster of the man himself.

Even though your friend definitely has the image of Beibs permanently burned into his or her mind, a little reminder on the wall can't hurt.

4. Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets, $30, Etsy

Who doesn't want to be reminded of the love of their life every time they reach into the fridge for some food?

What would JB do? Probably not the ice cream.

5. T-shirts

T-Shirt, $20, Etsy

There are hundreds of different t-shirt designs for your JB obsessed friend.

But what's better than getting straight to the point?

JB is Bae. It's as simple as that.

With this shirt your friend can be sure every single person who sees him or her fully understands.

6. Keychain

Keychain, $10 each, Etsy

Why not let everyone who sees your friend's keys know who the number one man in their life is?

Anytime your friend leaves the house, he or she will have Justin along for the ride.

Any time he or she hand keys to the front desk worker at the gym, they'll know who your friend is working out for.

7. Lyric Prints

Lyric Print, $5, Etsy

If the giant poster of JB was a little too much, no big deal.

There are many other home decor options.

You can get a print of your friend's favorite Justin Bieber lyric. It's the perfect way to be obsessed with him, without coming off as a little psycho.

8. Mug ($14.02)

Mug, $14, Etsy

I don't know anyone who doesn't like coffee or tea.

Chances are, so does your Bieber loving friend.

Why not combine two of their favorite things with a JB lyric mug? They can enjoy their morning coffee from their new favorite mug.

9. Christmas CD

Under the Mistletoe (Deluxe Edition), $10, Amazon

Even someone who doesn't dream about Justin Bieber can't deny that this is one great Christmas album.

Get your friend into the Christmas spirit with his or her favorite man. Chances are, it'll be on repeat for weeks.

10. Light Switch

Light Switch, $9, Etsy

To me, this just seems a little weird, but according to a lover of all things JB, this would make a great gift. Now your friend can start the day by turning Justin Bieber on.

11. Pillow Case

Pillowcase, $20, Etsy

Chances are your friend already pretends to be going to sleep next to JB, why not add his face right on top of her pillow?

12. Christmas Card

Christmas Card, $4, Etsy

Maybe the person with Bieber fever in your life just needs a really simple gift.

In this case, you can't go wrong with a JB Christmas card.

13. Sexy Phone Case

Phone Case, $10, Case Gorilla

It may cause your friend to leave her phone face down for hours at a time, but that's to be expected with this phone case.

14. Earrings

Earrings, $10, Etsy

The downside of this gift is that your friend won't actually be able to see Justin's face while wearing them.

I really doubt that will stop them, though.

15. Beanie

Beanie, $15, Etsy

Not every Bieber fan will know what Kidrauhl is even talking about, so your friend is sure to stand out as a true fan with this beanie.

After reading this, you might be thinking: What do you mean?

But trust me, your JB loving friend will be thanking you this Christmas.