Belissa Escobedo as Izzy and Whitney Peak as Becca in Hocus Pocus 2

Here's Why Hocus Pocus Fans Are Convinced A Third Movie Is Coming

We love a mysterious post-credits scene.

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Hocus Pocus 2 was a sequel nearly three decades in the making, as the original film went from box office failure to cult classic by sheer force of repetitious airing every Halloween. The new movie is expected to be a major Halloween watch on Disney+ for years to come, but it also raises an important question: Will Disney wait another 29 years before making Hocus Pocus 3? Viewers are eager to know if there will be another sequel, and for good reason.

Warning: Spoilers for Hocus Pocus 2 follow. The original Hocus Pocus ended with the sun rising. The Sanderson sisters, having failed in their mission to become young again, evaporated at first light. They were gone, but not permanently. There was always a chance someone could accidentally light another Black Flame candle and bring them back. And that’s basically what happened in Hocus Pocus 2.

However, the Sanderson sisters’ exit in Hocus Pocus 2 seemed more final. Having cast the Magica Maxima spell, Winnie lost the thing she loves most: her sisters. When Becca sent her to join them, Winnie’s spells started coming undone (like Billy Butcherson’s inability to pass on), suggesting the three witches are gone for good.

But the post-credits scene reveals there is a second Black Flame candle still waiting to be lit, hinting at another sequel to come. So, will it happen? Here’s everything known so far about a potential Hocus Pocus 3.

Hocus Pocus 3 Predictions

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At the Hocus Pocus 2 red carpet premiere in New York City, the original cast told People they were delighted by the sequel and wanted to do one for years. As Better Midler put it, “eventually, 30 years later, [Disney] came to their senses!”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Midler followed those comments up with the declaration she wanted to do another, calling herself “envious” of actors who managed to land franchise films. “The fact that we got to do this finally, after 30 years of promoting the idea, I’m glad we got to do it,” she said. “I’d love to have a franchise — especially a character I love playing.”

Najimy and Parker also had ideas for a sequel, though Najimy wasn’t sure how the writers could bring the Sandersons back after Hocus Pocus 2’s ending. But, as she told EW, “never say never.” As for Parker, she liked Najimy’s idea that they could do something a little different from the first two films. “Kathy had a good idea that the third one should be animated,” she said. “It’s fun, funny, and could be interesting and innovative.”

Will the actors’ enthusiasm help encourage a renewal? Considering Parker’s And Just Like That... limited series turn into an ongoing show for HBO Max, you never know what could happen.

Hocus Pocus 3 Cast Predictions

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From the sound of it, Midler, Parker, and Najimy would all be on board for a new film. In an interview with Elite Daily, Belissa Escobedo, who plays Izzy in the new movie, also said she’s up for it and suggested both Whitney Peak and Lilia Buckingham (who play Becca and Cassie) would also agree to come back.

Hocus Pocus 3 Release Date Predictions

Should another film get the go-ahead, it remains to be seen how long filming would take and when everyone’s schedule would line up. Watch this space for more updates.