Here's Everything We Know About 'Big Little Lies' Season 2


Big Little Lies was planned as a limited series (key word: limited), but for fans of the HBO hit and now Emmy-winning project, limited just won't do. Viewers have been clamoring for more episodes ever since the show's April finale, so what's the status of Big Little Lies Season 2? All the evidence leads us to believe that everyone involved truly wants it to happen -- but that doesn't mean it's a sure thing.

Big Little Lies got a lot of Emmy love on Sunday, and of course, questions about the future of the show were on the lips of reporters all over the red carpet and backstage. Giuliana Rancic didn't hold back her curiosity when she asked some of the cast if "the material was any closer" to being at the point where they could get started on more.

"I mean, we want to do it. We love these women. And it's just trying to move pieces and it's complicated," producer and star Nicole Kidman revealed.

Zoe Kravitz weighed with her feelings when speaking to Jason Kennedy on the Emmys red carpet, revealing,

I think it would be great. I think if we can find a storyline that feels honest and feels like it's gonna elevate what we've done, then we're all happy to do it. It's a precious thing. You know, I think the first one came out so well and so we just want to be careful with what comes next.

Considering the show was based off a book that only has one volume and was meant to end where it did, we totally understand that this is some very tricky storytelling ground to tread on. Plus (spoiler alert), everything wrapped up pretty well, didn't it? That ending was everything it needed to and speaking as a huge fan of the first seven episodes, even I would be scared that more could potentially spoil the beauty, satisfaction, and healing power that those final scenes provided. Although, I'm pretty willing for them to take the risk.

Liane Moriarty, author of the bestselling book the series is based on, also spoke to the show's future backstage at the Emmys. “I'm thinking about it. It's a beautiful possibility, that's all I'll say,” she said. We're all rooting for you, Liane! Man, that's a lot of pressure.

But with no murder to unfold, no school pick-up tension, and so many secrets now out in the open, it might be hard to capture the lightning-in-a-bottle magic that was that first season. Perhaps they could work out a semi-procedural with each year focusing on a new thriller to solve. Sure, Motherhood Mysteries: The Monterey Chronicles sounds hokey but -- OK, sorry. We'll throw that pitch out. But it pains us to think this cast might not work together again. Ryan Murphy-style anthology series, please?

Reese Witherspoon talked about Season 2 on Watch What Happens Live last week, and her response was somewhat hopeful, but not exactly promising. When a viewer asked for details she could divulge on Season 2, she said with a shrug,

I can't really... I don't have anything really to say. We're talking about it. I was talking to Andy about it backstage. We're only gonna do it if we think it's as good as the first season, so we're just thinking about ideas.

She also mentioned how she thinks the narrative could potentially continue going. Again, spoilers ahead if you have not seen all of Big Little Lies... but honestly, what are you waiting for?

"It would have to pick up on, I guess maybe, did we get away with it?" Reese explained. She also noted that "a lot of the fun and the humor was about that we weren't all friends," so they would have to figure out how to deal with that aspect. 

No matter what happens, fans can at least take comfort in the fact that Big Little Lies picked up eight Emmy wins this year. While we wait patiently for more word on Season 2, there's always that killer soundtrack and endless re-watches to keep us occupied.