Here Are The 11 Most Popular TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following

Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

It feels like everyone is on TikTok in 2020. While the app was previously known for capturing the attention of the pre-teen audience with easy sing-along videos, it's usership has grown to include users of all ages. Celebrities, kids, their parents, and probably your neighbors, too. There are even senior citizens on the app hittin' the Woah. And, yes, they have more followers than me. That being said, there is so much to watch on the app. Sketch comedy bits, dance battles, a wide range of tutorials — you name it. Whatever you can possibly imagine is going down somewhere on TikTok, and that's why, before you know it, you're caught in an endless cycle of scrolling. But if you're new and looking to get straight to some of the best content on the app, look no further than the most popular TikTok accounts.

These users have grown their TikTok follower count by providing audiences with a variety of fun content. Some of these TikTok sensations blew up from posting simple lip-sync videos and others made a name for themselves by creating parodies of popular movies, sharing dance tutorials, or putting their own twist on trending skits and choreo. Here are the top 11 most-followed TikTokers to entertain you for days:

1. Loren Gray

With over 39 million followers at the time of publication, Loren Gray Beech, known as Loren Gray, is currently the most popular user on the app. She got a bit of a head start, as she was already a popular creator on the app Musical.ly before it became TikTok in August 2018. Her large YouTube following of over 3 million followers might've helped, too.

While Gray's account consists primarily of amusing lip-sync videos, she's actually used her viral success to launch an actual music career, having released the songs "My Story" and "Queen" in 2018.

2. Zach King

If you like magic, then prepare to be amazed by this TikToker (read: real-life wizard). Zach King is a former Viner and YouTuber who astounded his followers with digitally-edited videos that made it look like he was doing the most mind-bending tricks.

On TikTok, you'll find King creating similar content, like King pulling apples out of paintings and turning sidewalk chalk art into 3D animals. At over 35 million followers at the time of publication, Zach King is the second most popular account on TikTok.

3. Charli D'Amelio

You might've heard of D'Amelio by now, as she's TikTok's latest viral sensation. Her account basically blew up overnight. She amassed 5 million followers only six months after joining the app. One of her first viral videos was a duet with the account "Move With Joy." D'Amelio copied the account's simple choreography and earned over 2 million views.

4. Baby Ariel

Not falling too far behind Beech and King, is 19-year-old Ariel Martin, with 30 million followers. She also got her start on Musical.ly, and was, at one point, the most followed account on that app. Her TikTok account, much like her Musical.ly, will keep you bowled over with a combination of quirky videos and dance compilations. FYI, Martin's used her TikTok fame to segue into acting. You can catch her on your TV screen in Disney Channel's Zombies 2.

5. Riyaz Afreen

At only 16 years old, this actor and model from India has amassed over 29 million followers due in part to his flippy-hair and swoon-worthy lip-sync videos.

6. Kristen Hancher

New uploads on this account feature goofy lip-syncing, smooth dance moves, and incredible style. The need to catch every one of Hancher's new hair-dos is just one thing that helped her build a following that's 23 million strong.

7. Gilmher Croes

A combination of hilarious skits and dance videos with seriously cool special effects drew over 23 million fans to Croes account. At 26 years old, he's considered one of TikTok's "older" stars.

8. Spencer Knight

Truly standing out from the pack is beatboxer Spencer Knight, also known as, Spencer X on TikTok. The 27-year-old artist creates original, fast-paced rhythms with nothing but his mouth.

9. Jacob Sartorius

At 22 million followers, Sartorius keeps his viewers entertained with a mix of creative lip-sync videos and wacky vlogs that even include the time he let his friends wax his stomach.

His large following of over 14 million fans on Musical.ly (as of January 2017) didn't hurt his rise to TikTok stardom, either.

10. Nisha Guragain

This popular TikTok queen is also from India, known for her infectiously cute lip-sync videos mimed to trending songs.

11. Arishfa Khan

The child actor known for her roles in Indian soap operas became a bonafide TikTok star after her lip-sync videos drew 21 million followers. She's since expanded to YouTube with a beauty-based channel.