Kate Winslet as Mare in 'Mare of Easttown'

Kate Winslet Is Starring In Yet Another HBO Drama Series

I already cannot wait.

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The remarkable success of Mare of Easttown cemented the relationship between Kate Winslet and producer HBO. Although Winslet has said she would love to return for a Mare Season 2, no movement has been forthcoming on a new mystery story for that series. Instead, Winslet has launched new projects with WarnerDiscovery’s premiere network, and the latest, HBO’s The Palace, looks to be a political thriller that Succession fans could get into.

The Palace is Winslet’s second project with HBO announced in 2022. The first, an adaptation of the New York Times bestseller Trust, was announced at the end of June 2022. That limited series is a deep dive into the world of wealthy and powerful capitalists and the secrets they hide, which come to light as their power wanes.

The Palace, which is set in the residence of an authoritarian regime, feels almost like a companion piece. It chronicles the lives of the extremely wealthy rulers as their control begins to crumble and secrets come out. Unlike Trust, this is not an adaptation of a novel, but rather an original script, written by Succession’s Will Tracy. All episodes will be directed by Stephen Frears, famous for films such as Dangerous Liaisons, The Grifters, and Helen Mirren’s The Queen; the latter two earned him Best Director Oscar nominations.

Here’s what else to know about The Palace.

The Palace Cast

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Currently, Winslet is the only star attached to The Palace so far. Since the series is not based on a novel, there are no characters who fans might already know. As such, Winslet is only listed as “leading” the series, but it’s unclear if she is the leader of the authoritarian regime, a high-ranking official, a spouse, a daughter, or a non-family member.

The Palace Filming Updates

Winslet stays booked and busy. Trust wasn’t slated to start filming until at least 2023, since Winslet will next be filming Lee, in which she stars opposite Jude Law. The film is a biopic of fashion photographer-turned-correspondent Lee Miller, played by Winslet.

Since Trust is books to film directly after Lee is complete, it seems likely The Palace will follow that, which means it likely won’t begin filming until at least mid-2023, if not later.

The Palace Release Date & Trailer Predictions

With The Palace so far out from production, it’s hard to say when HBO is planning for it to debut. However, at this point, viewers may not see the first trailer of the series itself until sometime in 2024.