This HBO Show Will Save Your Sunday Nights Until 'Game Of Thrones' Is Back

When the last season of "Game of Thrones" ended about a month ago, I honestly thought my Sunday nights would be miserable and boring.

But HBO was well aware of the gaping hole "GoT" left behind and gave us the gift of a new suspenseful, gritty and slightly gory drama: "The Night Of."

If you haven't heard about it yet, "The Night Of" is a crime drama that takes place in Manhattan. It centers around Naz, a college student who was in the wrong place -- a bloody and mysterious murder scene of Andrea, a woman he met that night -- at the wrong time.

Even though literally every piece of evidence is stacked against him, he's innocent. And it's up to his grizzly lawyer Jack Stone, played by John Turturro, to get him out of this mess.

Literally 10 minutes into the first episode, we watch this poor kid go through what must be the worst day of his life. And based on how episode two turned out, Naz's situation will only get worse.

Meanwhile, Naz just happens to be Jack Stone's lucky break, since he has a reputation of working with clients who have only committed minor crimes. This murder case could literally make or break his career as a lawyer.

Originally, the miniseries was "The Sopranos" star James Gandolfini's project. Gandolfini even starred in the original pilot as Jack Stone. We're happy to see John Turturro in his place, as he does an incredible job.

Anyone who loved "GoT" will love this show for the mystery, incredible cinematography, compelling characters, tense relationships and deep history. It also gives its audience a critical view of America's justice system, which in the wake of recent events is definitely interesting to watch.

What you have to know about "The Night Of" is it's a limited series. Meaning, there are only going to be eight episodes -- that's it. So catch up while you can, people! Honestly, I'm already hooked and can't wait for episode three to run this Sunday at 9 pm.

Even without "GoT," HBO's Sunday night lineup is stronger than ever. After "The Night Of," you can catch "Ballers," starring Dwayne Johnson, and "Vice Principals," which is supposed to be hilarious.

So yeah, Sunday nights are still great even without "Game of Thrones."