Wardrobe Malfunction
Check out these memes of Harry Styles ripping his pants on stage.

These 10 Memes Of Harry Styles Ripping His Pants Will Give You FOMO

Stars, they’re just like us.

Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

Does anyone have a tailor in Los Angeles they can recommend to Harry Styles? It looks like he’s gonna need one. During a performance of his Love On Tour concert at the Kia Forum on Thursday, Jan. 26, fans in the front row got more than what they paid for when Styles’ pants ripped open to reveal his *checks notes* crotch. Awkward. Even if you weren’t there to witness the wardrobe malfunction in person, these 10 memes of Harry Styles ripping his pants will have you laughing through the FOMO.

It turns out you can rock too hard, and Harry Styles has a newly ripped pair of pants to prove it. The unplanned moment took place during his performance of “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” on Thursday night. According to video shared by concertgoers, when the 28-year old lunged toward the audience while wearing a pair of tan leather pants, he didn’t get back up with everything in tact. In the video, as soon as Styles feels the pop *down there*, he looks down to inspect the damage and quickly covers the exposed ares with his hand — it appears in the video that he was wearing boxers. But he didn’t let the NSFW moment didn’t slow him down, because he got right up and continued running around the stage like a true professional.

Based on his cheeky smile, Styles didn’t seem too pressed about it in the moment. Hopefully he’s able to laugh it off, because Twitter is having a field day with the wardrobe malfunction, and all the memes about the Jan. 26 concert are seriously “Golden.”

Ripping your pants in front of thousands of people is bad enough, but when one of those people is your first celebrity crush, aka Jennifer Aniston — yeah, it’s a wrap. Styles admitted in a January 2020 Ellen appearance that Jennifer Aniston was his first celeb crush, and she just so happened to be taking in the show on Thursday night, which might now affectionately be known as crotch-gate.

Thankfully, Friends was ready for exactly this moment, and provided the perfect meme material for fans:

Echoing Ross Gellar’s sentiments in the Season 10 episode, Styles is fine:

Don’t show this to Harry — it’s too relatable:

Thank god dozens of fans caught Styles ripping his pants on camera, because one angle is simply not enough:

The viral moment has been a lot for some fans to handle, understandably:

Who would’ve known Styles and SpongeBob would have so much in common:

According to SeatGeek, the Kia Forum seats over 17,500 people, and yet none of those people were me:

Stars, they’re just like us:

Everyone should be ripping their pants today:

It’s the Friday blessing we all deserve: