What Happened To Addison On 'Pretty Little Liars' May Be Revealed With A Spinoff


Addison served up just a little too much déjà vu with her appearance on Pretty Little Liars and she's totally giving hints that a spinoff is on the way.

Not only is her behavior a dead ringer for Alison DiLaurentis's old evil tendencies, but what happens to her at the end of the Pretty Little Liars episode basically mirrors how Alison disappeared in Season 1.

At the end of the episode, the Liars have finally scored their happy ending and their freedom from A.D., who turned out to be Spencer's evil twin, Alex.

But the show wraps up with plenty of proof that the Rosewood drama is far from over. Mona has started her very own dollhouse, with Mary and Alex Drake trapped inside sipping tea.

And the last thing fans see in the episode is teenaged girls sleeping soundly in what looks like a barn. Three of them wake up and realize that they are missing some of their crew.

One of the teen girls comes walking across the grass and into the barn, relaying the message that she can't find young Addison, but did hear her scream.

The scene is almost exactly like the one from Season 1, when the Liars are sleeping soundly in the barn after having a drunken sleepover. Hanna, Emily, and Aria woke up to find that both Spencer and Alison were not there with them.

Spencer comes back and lets them know that she couldn't find Alison. After that, Alison was missing for several years and the Liars were stalked and tortured by A and afterwards, by A.D.

This is Rosewood, people. Of course these similar scenes are no coincidence.

Is Mona going to reclaim her role as A and wreak havoc in the town all over again? Or is she going to stay in the UK, content to hold Mary and Alex Drake hostage across the pond?

And if she is behind Addison's disappearance, then what exactly is her beef with this new generation of girls?

Hopefully, all of these questions will be one day be answered with a spinoff.

Nothing has been confirmed, so keep your fingers crossed that we get some news from Freeform once we've recovered from the end of PLL.