'PLL' Brought The Dollhouse Back, But It Isn't The Liars Who Are Trapped This Time

by Alexandra Svokos
Freeform/Byron Cohen

Of course, Mona brings the ultimate twist in the final moments of Pretty Little Liars.

Because it has to be Mona. Nobody else could ever do what she does throughout this series.

The series finale was full of twists and answers, one of which being that Spencer has a twin, and that twin is A.D.

And by the end of the series, that twin is completely under Mona's control.

During the finale, Spencer's twin — named Alex Drake (A.D., get it?) — has Spencer and Ezra trapped in a sort of dollhouse. Alex plans to kill Ezra and keep Spencer trapped, so that she can take over Spencer's life.

But Spencer being Spencer, she managed to escape and get Ezra out, via a stolen bobby pin. However, they can't find their way out of the underground space Alex made.

Luckily, the rest of the liars are on the hunt, and they find them as Alex struggles with Spencer. Toby figures out which Spencer is the real Spencer, and then a policeman runs in and seems to take Alex.

Except, as it turns out, it wasn't a real policeman that took Alex.

It was some random French guy!

We find this out at the very end of the episode. Out in Paris (why Paris? Who knows), we see Mona working in a doll store. Of course.

The guy we thought was a policeman comes in and kisses her. She closes the doll shop and then goes to the back of the shop.

There, she has a dollhouse. There are two girl dolls, and she makes them drink tea.

"Teatime, pretty girl," Mona says.

Then, the camera moves up, and we see that the two dolls are supposed to be Mary and Alex Drake.

The two women are being trapped by Mona in a life-size dollhouse. So, yes, Mona is now keeping Mary and Alex Drake trapped in a dollhouse.

Mary and Alex say to each other she can't keep them there forever. But then they remember: Of course she can. She's Mona.

What a show.