Hailey Bieber did not cry when fans chanted "Selena" at the Met Gala.

Did Hailey Cry At The Met Gala? She Opened Up About The "Selena" Chant

Her quote makes so much sense.

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Four years after the infamous Jelena breakup, Hailey Bieber finally opened up about the harassment she endured from Selenators — specifically, at the 2021 Met Gala. ICYMI, some especially riled-up Jelena fans chanted Selena Gomez’s name when Hailey and Justin Bieber walked the Met Gala red carpet in September 2021... and at the time, it kinda looked like Justin was comforting his wife as she wiped away a tear. So did the “Selena” chants actually make Hailey cry? During an appearance on the Sept. 28 Call Her Daddy episode, Hailey set the record straight about that night, and her answer might surprise you.

Apparently, Hailey’s teary eyes were way less dramatic than everyone assumed. “I felt like I had something in my eye,” Hailey told host Alex Cooper, per Entertainment Tonight. “That's just what goes to show you how out of context things can be seen, when he's like trying to help me. I'm like, “I feel like there's something in my eye. Do you see something in my eye?’”

In other words, the “Selena” chant had nothing to do with it. Hailey cleared up the speculation, once and for all, “[The chanting] wasn't making me cry, although it's a very disrespectful thing to do towards anybody.” She added, “I did hear people yelling. It wasn't making me almost cry. I just felt like it was disrespectful to me, to my relationship. It just was, period. The end. But I think I've endured so much disrespect, and I still do to this day that there was like a part of me that was just like another day.” 💔

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According to the Rhode founder, she’s “numb” to any Jelena-related criticism at this point. “I could hear everyone screaming and, again, I think there's a certain part of you that has a numbness of just like, I was like, really surprised,” she recalled. “I could kind of hear, but I didn't know if that's what was really going on until I saw the video after, the whole thing of everybody being like, ‘Oh, he's trying to tell her not to cry.’”

The silver lining? Hailey doesn’t let her haters control her life. When Alex suggested that they might’ve “ruined” the Met Gala for her, Hailey pushed back. “They've never ruined anything for me,” she replied. “They're not ruining my life. They're not ruining my happiness and that, I think, is really the win of the whole thing. You're actually not taking anything away from me... You cannot take away my happiness, my relationship, my business, my career. Like, you can try and you can be mad about it but it doesn't change anything, is my point.”

Here’s hoping the Jelena stans skip next year’s Met Gala.