Owen, Teddy, and Megan in a scene from Season 18 of 'Grey's Anatomy'

The Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale Promo Teases A Horrible Accident

Of course it does.

ABC/Bonnie Osborne

On Grey’s Anatomy, one emergency often leads to another. From natural disasters, to attacks on the hospital, to hackers infiltrating the Grey Sloan Memorial computer system, the series has seen plenty of life or death situations that compound the already life or death stakes of the medical drama. It looks like audiences need to prepare for another big accident in the Season 18 winter finale. The Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Episode 8 promo teases a car accident that will amp up the tension in an already pretty tense situation.

Megan Hunt’s (Abigail Spencer) son Farouk (Bardia Seiri) is in need of a heart transplant due to his constrictive pericarditis. Luckily for him, his mom, uncle Owen (Kevin McKidd), and aunt Teddy (Kim Raver) are all super-talented surgeons who are dedicated to getting him the best care. In the promo for Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Episode 8, Megan learns there’s a heart available for Farouk, so Teddy, Owen, and Dr. Hayes (Richard Flood) all get in a car to pick up the heart themselves and make sure it gets safely transported back. But we all know what happens to the best-laid plans, especially on Grey’s Anatomy in an emergency situation. The car’s driver seems to have a major medical episode while driving, and he crashes their car on a cliff. The promo teases that the winter finale “will leave you on the edge,” which seems like a very accurate description based on the teaser clip.

Meanwhile, the doctors back at the hospital seem pretty worried — and rightfully so, since that car accident looks pretty scary. The promo shows several shots of Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) already scrubbed up for surgery and looking positively shaken. The promo heavily hints that they’re hearing the news about the car accident, but there could always be another emergency thrown their way. Knowing Grey’s Anatomy and how the show loves to ratchet up the drama, that wouldn’t be surprising.

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