Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) gets courted to join a hospital in Minnesota.

Is Meredith Leaving Seattle? This Grey's Anatomy Promo Has Me Biting My Nails

I honestly don't see her in Minnesota.


It’s hard to imagine Meredith Grey anywhere other than Seattle, and yet that’s exactly what Grey’s Anatomy is asking us to do. The Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Episode 2 promo shows Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) contemplating a move to Minnesota. Meredith survived Covid-19 last season, but now she might leave Grey Sloan Memorial for another life-changing reason: a once-in-a-lifetime job.

In the Season 18 premiere episode, Meredith was in Minnesota to visit a medical research library being named in honor of her mother. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) warned Meredith that the Midwestern doctors would try courting her too, and sure enough, Dr. David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher) offered Meredith her own research center.

It looks like Meredith’s trip to Minnesota isn’t ending any time soon. In the promo for the next episode, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) joins Meredith at The Grey Center for Medical Research in Minnesota. Meredith explains, “We’re being offered millions of dollars to cure Parkinson’s.” Amelia responds with a laugh, “They’re giving you a lab? Oh, you are definitely not coming back to Seattle.”

You can check out the promo below:

A new job isn’t the only thing luring Meredith to Minnesota. The promo also shows another flirtatious scene between Meredith and Nick (Scott Speedman) after their steamy reunion in the premiere episode. It’s definitely nice to see Mer get her rom-com on with Scott, but does she have to leave Seattle to do it? Like Richard said in the premiere episode, Meredith practically grew up in the hospital in Seattle, so it would be hard to see her leave it for good.

Meanwhile, the rest of the promo shows Richard leading a group of residents in “the toughest surgical work,” leading Bailey to say it’s “just like the old days.” Maybe a return to the old days of truly tough surgical work is exactly what Meredith needs to get her to stay at Grey Sloan Memorial.

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