'Grey's Anatomy' Might Have Foreshadowed Something Super Eerie In Season One


WARNING: "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers ahead!

Fans of "Grey's Anatomy," I'm really sorry about how tragic your show is. Me, I'm more of a casual fan. But from what I hear, Shonda Rhimes really put you all through the wringer last season by killing off that Derek Shepherd guy.

Hey, maybe you'll find some comfort in this new fan theory from Reddit about poor Derek's death. During a repeat viewing of the series, Reddit user Saskatchewanbr noticed a line from Derek way back in season one episode two, titled "The First Cut Is the Deepest," that might suggest Derek was always destined to die tragically.

In that episode, while Meredith and Derek stand over the bed of a rape victim who fell into a coma, Derek turns to Meredith and says if he fell into a coma, he would want his four sisters there watching over him.

Oof. Foreshadowing much?

Funnily enough, when Derek actually is in a coma 10 seasons and 10 years later, Meredith does not call his sisters or any of his family to come see him. Way to drop the ball on Derek's very explicit wishes, Mer!

So, carefully planned foreshadowing or crazy coincidence? If it was planned, that's some incredibly detailed writing.

I sort of doubt even Shonda would know where her show would be in 10 years time. Plus, the show is a drama about doctors. They're all bound to talk about comas at some point.

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