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Here's What Every Member Of GOT7 Is Up To After Leaving JYP

They're keeping busy.

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A lot has changed since GOT7 departed JYP Entertainment in January 2021. Although Jay B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom promise they’ll continue doing group activities in the future, at the moment, they’re focusing on solo projects. While some members are getting ready to drop new music, others are branching out into acting projects. If you’re wondering what GOT7 is up to after leaving JYP, know the guys are all busy doing their own thing.

Just a few weeks after the group’s seven-year-long contract with JYP ended on Jan. 19, GOT7 dropped their emotional track “Encore” on Feb. 20. In the song, the septet reassures fans they’ll be around for a long time doing music together. “Encore! Encore! We will sing for you for the rest of the days too,” the group sings on the track. During an April 5 interview with Elite Daily, Mark revealed the reason GOT7 came out with a single so quickly after departing JYP was so Aghases would know the group wasn’t going anywhere. “We were scared if we left and came out with a song two months later, the fans would be worrying too much,” he explained.

The guys haven’t released anything as a band since “Encore,” and that’s because they’ve all been working on individual projects. To see what GOT7 is up to after leaving JYP, check out the latest updates about Jay B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom below.

Jay B

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On May 11, news came out Jay B had signed with the international hip hop and R&B record label H1GHR MUSIC. “I finally decided to join H1GHR MUSIC with the faith that I could accomplish my goals here, of becoming an artist who puts out various outcomes based on my previous music career as an idol. I’m really excited to start as a solo artist here at H1GHR MUSIC,” the star said in a May 11 statement.

On May 15, he dropped his debut solo single, “Switch It Up.”


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After GOT7’s contract with JYP expired, Mark moved back home with his family in the United States. Once he was settled down, he opened a YouTube Channel, started streaming on Twitch, and began working on solo material. On Valentine’s Day, Mark dropped a collab with Sanjoy called "One In a Million,” and on March 17, he came out with his third fashion line with REPRESENT.

Mark told Elite Daily during an April 5 interview there are more exciting things coming in 2021. "The plan right now is to put out some songs this year and maybe an album next year,” he teased.


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Jackson has released a bunch of new music in 2021, including singles like “Alone” and “LMLY,” as well as collaborations like “Magnetic” with Rain, “So Bad” with Vava, and “M.I.A” with Afgan. Some fans even speculated Jackson recorded a song for Marvel’s upcoming Shang-Chi movie, which is due out on Sept. 3 after they were convinced they heard his vocals on the song featured in the film’s official trailer.

On May 21, Jackson announced his record label TEAM WANG has partnered with RYCE Entertainment to focus on “production, distribution, publishing, and artist management” at a global scale.


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Jinyoung has signed with the acting agency BH Entertainment (not to be confused with HYBE’s music label, Big Hit). He’s currently working on the drama series Devil Judge, and his next project will be starring in the upcoming action-fantasy film High Five.


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Youngjae is now an artist under Sublime Artists Agency. So far, he’s been busy starring in the musical Midnight Sun, which is based on the Japanese movie A Song to the Sun. On April 9, he released the song "Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down" as part of the project’s official soundtrack. On May 7, he also dropped the track “Pop Star” for the web series So I Married an Anti-fan. Youngjae’s next role will be in the Netflix original series So Not Worth It, premiering June 18.


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On June 15, BamBam will make his first solo comeback as an artist under ABYSS Company with his debut mini-album riBBon. See concept photos for his new era below.


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On Feb 18, news came out Yugyeom had signed with AOMG. At the time, the star said he partnered with the label because he felt they would help him improve as an artist. “I want to work with the diverse musicians at AOMG and become an ‘all-rounder’ who is skilled at both performance and music,” he said during a Feb. 19 interview with Elle Korea.

Yugyeom is currently gearing up to drop new music. AOMG shared the first teaser for his upcoming era on June 3. The image revealed something exciting would arrive this June.

That’s all that GOT7 has been up to! Stay tuned, Aghases, because there’s so much more to come!