This Conversation From 'GOT' Season 1 Predicted All Of Season 7 & It Will Blow Your Mind

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones is a show rife with Easter eggs and references back to itself, as well as moments that foreshadow events to come. But as the show rolls toward its final 10 episodes, it seems like the callbacks come thicker and heavier with every turn. But what if we told you the entire plot of this season was foreshadowed? Because apparently, back in Season 1, the script gave us a big Game of Thrones Season 7 clue.

A super fan over on Reddit (because seriously, that's where they're all hiding) began to put the pieces together yesterday after the events of the first three episodes. Now, so far Dany hasn't had the most luck when it comes to her fight for the Iron Throne. But after the way Casterly Rock went and the tone of this week's trailer, it looks like our Mother of Dragons is about to stop listening to Tyrion and instead listen to the late great Olenna Tyrell and be a dragon.

What will happen when she does? If we rewind all the way back to Season 1 and listen to the wisdom of Robert Baratheon (who, for all his alcohol problems, was a brilliant war strategist), we might just have our answer.

Now, Robert, being a patriarchal idiot, assumed it would be Viserys who would lead the Dothraki, not Dany. But think about it; those 40,000 Dothraki screamers are, right now, this minute, trapped on the Westeros mainland thanks to Jaime's little stunt last week. There's literally nothing to stop them from doing just as Robert says, and go in and pillage every town from the Westerlands to the Crownlands, and with Winter here, almost no less incentive not to.

Meanwhile, Jaime and company are now going to be headed back to King's Landing across the open fields of... The Reach, on a north western trajectory towards King's Landing. What is stopping Dany, once she finds the Lannister troops during her dragon reconnaissance flight, from leading her Dothraki hordes and Unsullied battalions right into Jaime's forces, making him the fool that had to meet them in an open field?

And that's not including the thing Robert didn't take into account: three full-grown dragons.

The irony that Robert Baratheon may have predicted the demise of Jaime fookin' Lannister all the way back in Season 1 is almost too delicious to contemplate. We'll find out how right he is soon enough.