Kelly Rutherford and Ed Westwick in 'Gossip Girl,' playing Lily Van Der Woodsen and Chuck Bass

The Real-Life Lily Van Der Woodsen Is Going To Chuck Bass’ Wedding

Gossip Girl’s best mom, no contest.

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A Gossip Girl reunion is in the works — just not one fans will be able to tune in to. On March 17, Kelly Rutherford, who played Lily Van Der Woodsen (and later, Lily Bass) on the show, confirmed that she’s kept in touch with the cast. According to Rutherford, she’s actually planning to attend Ed Westwick’s wedding. (Westwick played Chuck Bass on the show.)

A little reminder: Throughout Gossip Girl, Lily became a bit of a mother figure to Chuck after marrying his dad, Bart. Although their relationship was rocky at times, Lily consistently showed up for Chuck. At one point, she sweetly told him, “I’m sorry to inform you: My love for you is unconditional.”

Sometimes, life imitates art. In March, Rutherford told Variety that she RSVPed yes to Westwick’s nuptials. “I miss that character, but I am still in touch with almost everyone from the show. I am going to Ed’s wedding, and I am so excited,” she said. The duo also saw each other in September 2023 — and a sweet video of their reunion was posted on TikTok.

In January, Westwick announced his engagement to Amy Jackson, an actor and model. Per People, the couple has been dating since 2021.

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That wasn’t all Rutherford said about her time on Gossip Girl, adding that she’d “love” to revisit the Upper East Sider universe (despite the fact the reboot didn’t go far). “[The original show] was before this whole super politically correct time,” Rutherford said. “We were on the verge of it and there is just a different energy about it. After the first season, we knew [it was huge].”

Rutherford also spoke about her “very chic” character. “Lily was a fierce mom, but when you are young, you don’t realize all the things your parents are dealing with. They have their own issues, they make mistakes,” she said. “[In Gossip Girl] you got to see that parents aren’t perfect. That’s what’s so cool about it.”

“There were times when we would read the script in the morning and some people would go: ‘I would never say this, I would never do this.’ Oh yes — you would,” she added. “We all have this lovely perception of ourselves, but we are dynamic beings. Lily would mess up and recover, and to be able to admit it as a parent was huge.”