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25 ‘Gossip Girl’ Quotes That Will Make You Want To Hug The S To Your B ASAP

XOXO’s all around.

by Tessa Harvey and Marisa Casciano
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True fans of Gossip Girl didn’t watch the show just for the undeniably romantic (and chaotic) moments between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. They also streamed the original series, which ran from 2007 to 2012, for the friendship between Blair and Serena van der Woodsen. While the two started the series as scorned BFFs, they quickly became Manhattan’s favorite duo. If you’re posting a picture of you and your best friend on Instagram, you’ll definitely want to caption it with one of these Blair and Serena quotes.

The S to your B has been by your side through thick and thin. While you probably haven’t attended lavish parties on the Upper East Side or jet-setted on a Parisian vacation together, you’ve likely had dreamy dates in a park, filled each other in on the latest gossip, and been by each other’s side during tough breakups. You may have even watched the original Gossip Girl together, before diving into the reboot on HBO Max, which premiered on July 8, 2021.

You can’t wrap up all of those memories in a single post on Instagram, but you can say a lot in your caption. Especially if you caption your pic with one of the best Blair and Serena quotes, you can show your BFF that you’re sticking by their side no matter what. Whether you agree on the best character, the most dramatic episode, or who GG should’ve been, you’ll be there to hug them and hand them a matching headband. Here are the Gossip Girl quotes you should definitely consider before tapping “share.”

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  1. "All of the boyfriends and mean girls and teachers, and our crazy mothers, we went through it together. We raised each other."
  2. "My world is falling apart, and you're the only one who would understand."
  3. "As long as we have each other, we're both gonna be OK."
  4. "And right now, I am with exactly who I wanna be with: my best friend."
  5. "You're my sister."
  6. "I need you here."
  7. "I don't care about dating a prince. I don't care about dating anyone. I just care about you."
  8. "We're sisters. You're my family. What is you, is me. There's nothing you could ever say that would make me let go."
  9. "She loves you. That's the way things are supposed to be."
  10. "Whatever you're going through, I wanna be there for you."
  11. "I don't want to not know you. I can't not know you."
  12. "Life is tough, Serena. Just get a helmet."
  13. "I must have totally blanked on the part where I invited you over."
  14. "We all try on old clothes from time to time, and, sure, we may even be surprised when they still fit, but that doesn't mean we should wear them again. Ever."
  15. "I love you, B."
  16. "As much as a BFF can make you go WTF, there's no denying we'd be a little less rich without them."
  17. "If you're gonna be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris."
  18. "Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish."
  19. "You think this will be us in 20 years?"
  20. "We don't judge. We're the non-judging breakfast club, we're your friends."
  21. "You gonna be OK? Alone all summer without your best friend who always gets you out of trouble?"
  22. "People don't tell you who you are, you tell them. Stay and fight. I'll fight with you."
  23. "It's not like we stay up at night, braiding each other's hair and having heart-to-hearts."
  24. "It takes more than you to destroy Blair Waldorf."
  25. "I came as fast as I could."

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