People Are Roasting 'GMA' For Calling Kermit The Frog A 'Tea Lizard'


You know how only our moms watch “Good Morning America”? Well, apparently, they also write for the "GMA" Twitter account.

The internet is a very cruel and very specific place. If you doubt that fact, I suggest you log into Reddit and spend all of 35 seconds just clicking around. US private tax legislation is more forgiving than the web and its users, who are all seemingly sitting by their computers waiting to jump on the first person to post something with a typo, transgress internet etiquette or just make an honest mistake.

With all that in mind, please take a moment this morning to send your thoughts and prayers over to the social media team at "Good Morning America." They made this honest slip up while talking about the crying Lebron meme.


Oh, no. #TeaLizard.

This is literally how my mom would describe any meme ever.

This is NOT going to be good. The internet is not going to be kind with this.

When you learn that your employer really DGAF about you #TeaLizard pic.twitter.com/xQeta2AxQd — KameronKeele_Screen (@KamKeele_Screen) June 21, 2016

Thank God the internet totally missed "smokin'" was also misspelled.

Best to log off on Twitter for 48 hours and wait for this to pass, "GMA."

Of course, there is already a Tea Lizard parody Twitter account.

RIP: "GMA" Twitter.