Elsa From 'Frozen' Is Trending On Twitter For The Most Incredible Reason


Can you think of a recent film that has left a bigger impression on young girls than Disney's "Frozen"?

You can't escape it, and believe me, I've tried. Last Christmas, my 5-year-old cousin refused to take off her Elsa dress even to go to Mass. That's impact if I've ever seen it.

And, ensuring I will definitely be hearing "Let It Go" for the next five Christmases at least, Disney has a "Frozen" sequel in the works for 2018.

Since there's probably no way to stop that, some people on the Internet thought, "Hey, this movie is basically crack for little girls. Maybe there's a chance to make a big difference here."

A campaign on Twitter started to make Elsa, one of the few Disney princesses who doesn't get a boyfriend at the end of the movie, the first LGBT princess.

Before you cry, "Not everything has to be gay!!!" please remember literally no other princesses are gay.

The hashtag going around is #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, and everyone has some pretty good points.

This is a chance for LGBT youth to feel accepted by one of the most popular movies of all time.

Representation of LGBT characters matters so much more than many people realize.

Kids have so few visible LGBT role models.

And not all parents are teaching their children the right lessons.

Don't start with that "turning our kids gay" stuff, people. That logic does not go very far.

Ya gotta admit, straight people already have more than their fair share of role models.

The LGBT youth really need this one.

Last year, the director of "Frozen," Chris Buck, made a comment about the sequel that made a LGBT Elsa seem possible. He said,

Look, all I'm saying is as a queer girl myself, having a big name LGBT character like Elsa would have saved me a lot of self-hating middle school years.

So even though I'm not sure how many more Olaf jokes I can take, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Elsa to get that girlfriend.

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