Life Is Short, Talk Fast: 6 Reasons We Identify With 'Gilmore Girls'

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Our dreams just might come true.

The coffee-loving, sarcasm-whiling, infamous mother-daughter duo also known as the "Gilmore Girls" may be making their return in four new 90-minute episodes, to be released on Netflix.

The show is currently in negotiations, and it would bring back original creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, along with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

For all of us who fell for these lovely ladies way back when, the news comes with uncontrollable excitement.

So, in honor of the crazy antics, witty comebacks and perfect portrayal of reality, I give you the reasons why "Gilmore Girls" rocked our world:

1. Sarcasm is the most intelligent form of humor.

This is probably why Lorelai and Rory oozed it.

Their constant bantering of straight-faced, hilarious comebacks left all of us laughing and wishing we could come up with lines just as good.

Lorelai's tendency to turn even the most serious situation into an awkward one with a single inappropriate joke, coupled with her mother Emily's constant lack of amusement, never failed to deliver a smile.

2. We loved the brilliant mother-daughter duo.

Lorelai was the cool mom with the level-headed, incredibly smart Rory for a daughter.

These two were so different, yet so similar.

Lorelai was the irresponsible, let's-stay-up-all-night-watching-movies-and-eating-massive amounts-of-pizza-and-candy-until-we-puke mom we all secretly wanted.

Rory was the sensible, book-smart genius with all the traits of a total sweetheart.

3. We connected with their love of coffee.

Coffee was the cure for almost everything.

It was a ritual that happened several times a day, and it was even more if Rory had a bad day at school.

Luke's Diner wasn't just the place to go for the best coffee in town, but it was also at the center of almost every major event that happened in their lives.

When left decaffeinated, their dramatic tendencies made us all realize how impossible it is to tackle life without coffee.

4. We loved the best friends.

Sookie and Lane were the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.

They were there to save the day, to lie for their friends, to cook amazing meals and to supply enough music knowledge to last a lifetime.

These two sidekicks were hilarious, and they aided in all the shenanigans.

5. We couldn't help but relate to their love lives.

Can we talk about how attractive every guy in this show was?

I mean Rory was with Dean, Jess and Logan.

Although it was hard to pick one, I always liked and pulled for Logan a little bit more than the others.

Jess was just way too complicated, and Dean, though he was sweet, would stay in Stars Hollow forever.

Then, there's Lorelai.

She was completely dating-impaired and found herself engaged way too many times to count.

When she married Christopher, we all felt bad for Luke.

But once Chris was out of the picture, and they finally got back together, we were in total bliss.

These ladies and their drama-filled dating lives made our own seem fairly normal.

For that, we appreciate them.

6. We watched them deal with all of life's problems.

We all remember having our first kiss and going out on our awkward first date like Rory did with Dean.

We've also had to deal with parents like Richard and Emily Gilmore.

When it came to mental breakdowns or the initial steps toward mending a broken heart, we understood because we'd been there before.

The best part is they did it all with a sense of humor, no matter how inappropriate it was.

(Oh, but we so do.)