'Gilmore Girls' Star Lauren Graham Defends Coffe Cup Debate

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

America is a land of many freedoms, for the time being. One of these freedoms is that of speech.

Are you mad Donald Trump is the president-elect? SAY it.

Do you consider the violence at Standing Rock unconstitutional? SAY it.

Did you consider the “Gilmore Girls” revival problematic? SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Lorelai Gilmore herself, Lauren Graham, visited “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Thursday and addressed the most recent “GG” revival controversy to surface online.

Certain “Gilmore Girls” Truthers don't believe Lorelai and Rory have any of Luke's steamy-ass coffee in their prop cups.

is it just me or is the way they hold their coffee cups in first episode of #gilmoregirls super annoying because they're empty and physics — Nathan C. Hall (@prof_nch) November 28, 2016

Lauren told host Stephen Colbert,

I'm gonna tell you one thing. It is a true thing: There is always coffee in my cup.

I buy into hype Lauren Graham IS Lorelai Gilmore, and while none of us will be able to verify that until we read her book, “Talking As Fast As I Can,” it's reassuring to know she's at least as caffeinated as her character.

She added,

I didn't look at the picture to see well enough to see what's so annoying about it… I'm holding it. I'm holding it like *this*. Easy. No problem. I'm looking at snow. I'm holding the cup. I'm drinking… I love the 'controversies' that are cropping up, woah.

Despite all the ~DrAMa~ Lauren was just as thrilled as the rest of us for a chance to revisit Stars Hollow.

She told the host,

It was so emotional for so many reasons... You hardly ever get a chance, at any point in life, to appreciate the moment you're in while you're in it... And we got to finish a story that we hadn't gotten to finish... And I was just walking around, like... I was just a freak. I had so much appreciation. It was actually very overwhelming.

Wow. Very "Our Town," Laur. Very.