Rory's 'Gilmore Girls' Boyfriends Get Real About Favorite BF

We can finally chill the heck out because the “Gilmore Girls” revival comes out next week, just in time to ring in the holiday.

The Thanksgiving spirit would not be complete without major Stars Hollow vibes going on, am I right?

Warner Bros.

Put a dollop of whipped cream on that pumpkin pie and warm up the sweet potato casserole already because I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT.

Let me set the scene for you.

I'm not joking when I say you will find this gal over here parked in front of the TV wearing her (cozy AF) Victoria's Secret Long Jane PJs.

The fireplace will be warmly ~lit~, and I will completely devour a plate of Pop-Tarts. My BFF named Merlot will obviously be watching the four-episode reboot with me, too.

Anyone in my house who thinks they're going to watch something other than “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” on November 25… JOKE'S ON THEM -- DON'T EVEN TRY.

All of us “Gilmore Girls” fanatics couldn't be more pumped about the upcoming week, and there has been so much hype leading up to it.

One of the biggest unanswered questions is on all of our minds: who does Rory end up with?

It's stressing me out so much I really need to know ASAP.

The “Gilmore Girls” Facebook page posted a video earlier this afternoon where the people of Stars Hollow weighed in on which of Rory's boyfriends was their favorite.

This, of course, includes Rory's boyfriends themselves who voiced their honest opinions: Dean, Jess and Logan.

So whose team is everyone really on?


Dean said,

I can't be Team Dean because I am Dean.

He continued,

I'd have to go Team Jess. Kinda the cool bad boy, sultry, reading books.

And Logan's choice?


He said,

Each of those boyfriends came along at just the right time for her to bring something out that she needed to experience in her life at the right time. So each boyfriend was the right one at the right time.

AW, LOGAN. What a sweet answer.

But sorry, boys, I am 100 percent invested in Team Jess FOREVA.


I lost my heart to him on day one.

When opening up about his pick, Jess went into an EXTREMELY in-depth answer. He said,

For all the shit that Jess and Rory and just Jess went through in his own existence, I think he turned out to be a good guy. So I think that's why everybody roots for Jess.

He continued,

Could be something different. You know? Could be maybe they don't like how tall Dean is. But then it's like you get into specifics, well if that's that, then Logan and Jess are the same height. So then it's like a blonde-brunette thing. Like light-dark. I don't know. Maybe, dark wins.

We only have to wait until NEXT week for our true answer!

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