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Gigi Hadid Just Posted The Most Adorable Birthday Message For Zayn Malik

Somewhere in this unfocused mess of a picture there is (what appears to be) an incredibly sweet birthday Insta post from Gigi Hadid to Zayn Malik.

Either Gigi is a photography prodigy who is playing with lighting and depth in this photo in a way the untrained eye can't even begin to comprehend, or she accidentally just took a picture on her phone as she was putting it into her pocket, couldn't figure out a way to delete it and was like, "Well, looks like THIS is his birthday present now!"

Either way, happy birthday, Zayn!

I can't tell you much about this picture aside from it's captioned with "ZDAY," which is like BDAY but with a Z for Zayn. You get it.

I think there is a necklace in it or something? I really have no idea.

Hope you enjoy your other birthday present, Zayn, half a tire with cake frosting on it that spells out "Congroterlations, ZOrb."