Gigi Hadid Gets Real About Her Life And Struggles In A Candid New Intervew

by Kate Ryan

Gigi Hadid isn't your average supermodel, but everyone and their grandmother already knew that. It's the casual ease with which she dispenses personal nuggets that really blows us all away.

In an interview with Josh Duboff for Vanity Fair, Gigi Hadid revealed details about her personal life that might surprise even her biggest fans. Speaking candidly about her struggle to stay centered, she said,

I try on a daily basis to just focus on what I have to do for that day, because when you put it into smaller groups then you realize, 'Hey, this is work. This is family. This is my relationship.' When you let the outside world trickle into everything else, that's when it becomes a problem. So I just try to keep everything separate, and remember that when I walk into my apartment door [at the end of the day], it's a different... I'm not Gigi Hadid.

After a long, reflective pause, she continued her train of thought, saying,

Sometimes that gets me into trouble because... I have to remember that there's a safety boundary and stuff. I try to just not think of the extent of the fan base all the time. You know what I mean?

Sure, Gigi, I know what it's like to have 17.7 million Instagram followers. I mean, not really, but I can imagine.

As for her favorite after-work activity? Gigi Hadid said,

I do art and I cook.

And her favorite "go-to dish," she explained it depends on whom she's cooking for, whether it's her “friends, boyfriend [or] managers." Whomever she's cooking for, though, it sounds like she keeps things simple.

She said,

Sometimes it's fun to do where everyone makes their own little pizza. I love doing art and so a lot of the time I'll be cooking and painting at the same time, and friends will be painting... I just like laughing with my friends and doing simple stuff, because everything else is so hectic.

You heard that right, folks. Zayn Malik eats Gigi Hadid's homemade little pizzas. If that isn't adorable, then I officially know nothing.

On a more serious note, Gigi Hadid may actually be from an alien planet full of multi-tasking, superwomen.

She explained,

It's hard because honestly, a year ago, if you would asked me what my goals are, I wouldn't even have named half the things that I've done, because you don't feel like they're possible—you give yourself a five-year period to do the stuff that I have done in a year.

Realistically, I'd need to give myself approximately 106 full lifetimes to do what Gigi Hadid does in a single year. But hey, I'm a mere human.

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