'Game Of Thrones' Theory About The Lannisters' Debt Is Bad News For Cersei


Cersei Lannister may be in power now, but pretty much every Game of Thrones fan knows it won't last too much longer. And according to one observant viewer, we just saw her make a huge mistake in the last episode, which might be the thing that leads to her demise. A new Game of Thrones theory about the Lannisters' debt is pointing out one key flaw in Cersei's dealings with the Iron Bank that will most likely come back to haunt her very soon.

As a reminder, in Episode 4 we got some insight into how Cersei is handling the Lannisters' financial dealings with the Iron Bank of Braavos. Banker Tycho Nestoris paid King's Landing a visit to congratulate Cersei — true to her family's motto she had apparently repaid all of the Lannister's debts to the bank. Tycho praises Cersei, pointing out her father Tywin never repaid the family's debts when he was in charge. While this may sound like Cersei just accomplished a great feat, one viewer made a very convincing case it may have actually been the move that will seal her fate.

Basically, the argument is Tywin was purposefully not repaying his debts to the Iron Bank as a strategy by which to keep the financial institution invested in the Lannister reign. If they are still owed money by the reigning family, then of course the bank is going to want them to stay in power so it can make its money back. Now that Cersei has paid the debts off, the Iron Bank really has no reason to support the Lannisters. This could very well lead to a new investment in the rising power that just decimated an entire Lannister army with dragon fire, giving Daenerys a big financial bump. Check out the full theory below.


It does make a lot of sense, and how could the show pass up the delicious irony of the Lannister family being undone by paying their debts? We'll have to see how it all shakes out in the final three episodes of the season.