'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theory Predicts A Split Between Daenerys And Tyrion


When Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister linked up last season, it was one of the most celebrated alliances among Game of Thrones fans. Finally, Daenerys had a mastermind with insider knowledge of the Lannister family who could match her unstoppable firepower. But Game of Thrones fans know better than to expect too much of a good thing from this show, so now a theory has popped up making a case for Tyrion turning his back on Dany in the next few episodes. The new Game of Thrones theory about Dany and Tyrion suggests Tyrion will end up betraying Daenerys when it's all said and done.

This theory stems from a prophecy Daenerys received back in the House of the Undying, when she was told she'd be betrayed three times: "once for blood and once for gold and once for love." Most fans are pretty sure we've already seen the first two betrayals go down on the show — Mirri Maz Duur's killing of Dany's unborn child is taken to be the treason by blood, and Jorah Mormont's selling of information about Dany to Varys is often pointed to as the treason by gold. This leaves only the treason by love to be seen, and some fans are making a case it will be perpetrated by Tyrion.

Assuming Jaime Lannister survives after sinking to the bottom of the lake at the end of last episode, Daenerys will almost certainly take him prisoner, and sentence him to death. This puts Tyrion in a pretty awkward position — sure, he isn't the biggest fan of his family and he believes in Daenerys' cause, but Jaime is actually one of the only people Tyrion has a good relationship with. Since Jaime did free Tyrion from Tywin's keep, Tyrion could very well return the favor and help Jaime escape from Dany. Thus, a betrayal against Daenerys perpetrated out of Tyrion's love for his brother.


While this is a pretty convincing theory, other fans are looking at another one of Daenerys' closest advisors to be her betrayer. Namely, fans are pointing out that we've been seeing a lot more of Missandei this season, and her relationship with Grey Worm has gotten a lot more serious. Since we know Grey Worm is in a dire situation at Casterly Rock right now, some people think Missandei may be the one to betray Daenerys and attempt to free Grey Worm somehow out of her love for him.

It's up in the air who's going to be the one to do it, but rest assured that a betrayal is coming. Dany better keep a close eye on those close to her.