Euron Greyjoy Is Already Toying With Fans With 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 "Spoilers"

by Ani Bundel

It is a common refrain that the Game of Thrones showrunners and producers, as well as HBO, are as tight-lipped as they can be when it comes to spoilers. Not just from the production side, but the actor side too. For instance, in Season 6, when an actor playing a Dothraki instagrammed his script, with a full page visible, he was almost immediately moved to the "kill off before the season ends" pile. So why on earth is Euron Greyjoy actor Pilou Asbæk posting Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers?

While filming for the final series of episode doesn't begin for another three weeks, this is technically the time when early costume fittings and make up tests take place, especially for characters who might be radically changing their look for the final run of six episodes. So it's not totally weird to hear that Pilou Asbæk took to his Instagram and announced he was getting a third make over in three years.

What is weird is that he actually posted a picture of said claimed make over. Considering the show went to great lengths to hide the his upgraded look for Season 7, this seems to run counter to everything we know about the way they do business.

Of course, then we saw it.

Niiiiiiiice. Very sexy. "What Marriage will do to you," huh? As if Cersei would let anyone she married live that long.

Now, we'll concede that this look isn't that far off from Euron's much older (and now very dead) brother on the show, Balon Greyjoy, who was played by Patrick Malahide. But somehow we think that Euron's return to the Iron Islands would not actually cause him to age about fifty years, or look quite so hilariously unattractive.

In fact, we're guessing this might not be a make up test for Game of Thrones at all, but may have something to do with the period piece Asbæk is filming currently with Bad Robot productions called Overlord.

Despite Asbæk screwing with the minds of fans with fake Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers, it's virtually guaranteed he is coming back next year. Euron was last seen "sailing home" to hide from the coming Army of the Dead. Cersei claims that this is bupkis, all part of her plan to get him to bring her the Golden Company to beef up her army.

But is it really? Cersei doesn't trust Euron an inch, and Euron doesn't trust her right back.

Some fans *are* hoping for the Golden Company to show up, brought over the Narrow Sea by Euron, in a foolish attempt to go attacking Daenerys' forces while they're trying to fight the Night King. But a Golden Company would most likely have Daario at the head of it, and we all know that despite being dumped, he still loves her completely.

Upon realizing who is on what side, and that the army he's facing is lead by his beloved Mother of Dragons, most likely Daario would turn and either fight the Lannister Army so Daenerys can go fight the Night King, or join her on her quest North.

But personally, I'm hoping Euron was telling the truth. I don't want him traipsing around bringing back characters the show should be done with already. And besides, Theon probably believes Euron, and will be leading the Ironborn back to the Iron Islands to rescue Yara and face down his evil uncle. A showdown with Theon over Yara at the Greyjoy homestead of Pyke would be a far more satisfying conclusion.

Also, Euron needs to get over himself. Cersei's not marrying him, or anyone else. Sorry Asbæk, not even with that make over.