'Game Of Thrones' Would Be Completely Different If Joffrey Was The Hero (Video)


I physically and emotionally can’t take any more of these alternate reality TV and movie theories.

I like knowing who my fictional heroes and my enemies are.

I want to go into a movie, know whom to cheer for, understand whom to root against and watch a film with that information strongly rooted in my brain.

Lately, there’s been a trend of people trying to mess with my TV and film reality, and it's really been screwing with the way I view classic pieces of media.

You try sleeping after reading this fan theory about how the Joker is the real hero of Gotham. Go ahead, try it! It's impossible!

BloodBlitz Comedy gave us a video earlier about how Harry Potter was actually the villain of the magic world and now it's back to make the argument for Joffery being the actual hero of the "GoT"-verse.

Stop effing with my brain, the Internet! I don’t need this right now! Go back to cats doing stuff!