That Big 'Game Of Thrones' Ending Left Us With A Serious Question

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4. While everyone is still reeling from the clash of the titan armies on Game of Thrones Sunday night, some are asking the more important questions and it's not "How hard will Cersei freak?" when she takes her first loss, despite being up two to one or "How satisfied is Dany?" now that she's shown Tyrion up. But rather, what just happened to our favorite Lannister? Who saved Jaime on Game of Thrones?

Let's review those final minutes of the show. Bronn shot Drogon in the shoulder and then had to jump for it as dragon and rider destroyed Qyburn's anti-aircraft dragon crossbow. Injured, Dany and Drogon then landed, so Dany could remove the offending bolt. Jaime saw his opportunity as they stood there, and grabbed a lance and rode hell for leather across the field of fire to take down either Dany or Drogon. (It's not really clear which he's aiming for, maybe he's not sure either?) Meanwhile, Tyrion is above the ridge whispering at his brother to stop being a f*cking idiot.

Just as he rides up, Drogon puts his face in the way of Jaime to protect Dany and opens his mouth to breath fire. And then...

Let's go a bit Zapruder on what happens next:

No face to be seen, but those fingerless gloves? We've seen them before.


Bronn's hands.


Look at that hair, with those neck curls.


That's totally Bronn's hair.


Look at that outline.


That's Bronn.


So...why? Bronn doesn't stick his neck out for anybody. Not for Tyrion, at least. So why is he sticking it out for Jaime? Is the promise of a castle really that important that he would save Jaime Lannister's life?

He might insist that, in fact, yes, yes it is. After all, without Jaime, who is he going to be asking for that castle? Cersei?

Arya, tell him what his chances are:

We agree. Of course, Bronn saved Jaime. That man owes him money.

And when he pulls Jaime out of the water, maybe he'll sing him a little song to boot.